Account baned

I Can speak english smart baby, you better stay focus on asking for mercy on ranked :wink:

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Well done im out with this the game never say share account will be into a ban , thanks for your time

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with translator even my grandmother

u not are and u gonna never be in the level to talk about my gameplay


It violate the ToS so is more than justified, babai

To be clear, the reason why there is only one language allowed is so that the forum can be properly moderated. If moderators have to translate every post then it will take too long to check people are not being rude / breaking rules. It’s not fair to expect this. Imagine a thread suddenly has 50 posts in 1 hour and a moderator needs to figure out if there are arguments or problems which need dealing with immediately… that would be much slower if you have to translate different languages being used.

With everyone using 1 language, it’s easy for English moderators to read everything quickly and non-English people can translate the whole page.

In private messages I am happy to use other languages if it makes things easier for the other person. However, I may be slower to reply because I don’t understand the message in the notification I get on my phone.

I hope that makes sense :slight_smile:

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Lo tiene

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