About this "too many monsters" thing

ok ive been getting this “too many monsters in ranch” thing for a while…this basically force me to delete monsters that I have. Not a problem(for now) cause I delete most of my 3 and 2 stars that i dont use.

BUT since Ingredients count as monsters as well the game pretty much tells me to ultra evolve something or delete some of them…

Few reasons why I dont ultra evolve sometimes

  1. Most epics like redgaroo are sooooooo BAD not worth the ultra evolve, also epics like Jumboid arent worth evolving either.

  2. I only ultra evolve monsters that Im actually gonna use

  3. Cost, basically this should be common sense. I dont ultra evolve a monster unless i have enough cost to evolve it so i can use it. like flamechimera (cost cap is 135)

So does this monster cap increases as you level up…I dont know  what the cap is, and I thought you could have as many monsters as you want “gotta catch them all” right…guess not.

Did anyone encounter this as well?

There’s a cap of 250 I think. And no it does not increase as you level up, it’s fixed.

really? They claimed “900 monsters” but we can only hold 250 lol

I remember this being brought up in the past, and the admin’s reply was that they didn’t want the game to take up too much space.

I think they said they would keep this limit to allow user on older device to play, they said if they increase it it will cause problem to those users and the game would be unplayable for them

Yup it’s exactly that. Older devices can’t handle it sadly.

hmmmm seems legit well guess i got work to do

I get that… but how much would expanding it really take up?  I want to have them all :(.

 It would help if ingredients counted as items like the fruit rather than monsters. Even so, I’m deleting more and more ingredients and still hitting the limit. 917 monsters/ ~3 forms per monster = 306 slots.  

Multiple copies of ingredients should be counted as one monster. It shouldn’t take up much space to store a single additional number with the ingedient.

Exactly. I don’t believe it’s too much for old devices to handle. we can emulate older consoles like PS1/PSP and have thousands of items in those games, with the same phones? I think it’s an optimization problem, like ingredients not stacking.

There’s no technical reason I can think of that devices wouldn’t be able to handle allowing all 900 monsters.

900 is a pretty small number for computers today. I can’t imagine 900 monsters taking up more than a few 100 kilobytes of memory, and that’s a safe estimate. (Save for the images associated with them, but you wouldn’t have all these images loaded in at once anyway, right? - You can’t use all 900 in a fight!) Storage certainly shouldn’t be a concern. 

CPU load? Where? Most monsters are inactive in the bench, and in the bench they shouldn’t be contributing to CPU load as they don’t participate in battles or training. And even if your bench is huge, why would the entire bench be loaded at once? If it’s too large, break it up and load the sections needed at any given time from disk. 

The only thing I can think of is the server side. I don’t know how they did their servers and which data they store on the servers. Whatever data they do store on servers is multiplied by the total number of players that have sent their data to it. Even if all monster data is stored on the server, you would have to have a pretty horrible server to cause any issues. How many players are online at once with this game? Unless it’s 10s of thousands, I can’t see memory/load being an issue. You don’t have to store all information about the monsters on the server, as the client holds most of it. You would only store some tag that the client can use to pull up all the information. That tag shouldn’t take up much space.

But what can I say, I don’t know how they coded it and I haven’t seen their servers. I remain skeptical regardless.