A Letter for Dev VKC

Dear @Dev_VKC,

I have been racking my brain for months now wondering why clans haven’t been introduced to Neomonsters yet and i have come up with several possibilities.

Firstly it could be too difficult for you to implement - but then again all you would need to do is have some Clan raid style Superbosses and Clan based PvP so it can’t be that different from what already exists.

Secondly i considered that you might be worried about losing players who didn’t want to join clans - but that makes no real sense as you could theoretically just have 2 separate PvPs for clans and non clans.

Thirdly i thought that you might just be too lazy to implement clans - but i quickly dismissed those thoughts as nonsense…

The REAL reason that Neomonsters hasn’t implemented clans yet is simple! - You arent actually IN a clan!

So heres a solution!

I stand here today as Leader of the EMI Clan and invite you, Dev VKC (can i call you Vince?) to join EMI and finally fulfill your dreams of joining a clan in order to implement them in the game!

I eagerly await your decision,
kind regards,

EMI Eklypz c:


@Dev_VKC is in RISE, has been for years

Why do you think our accounts never get banned from PvP?


because you don’t need to cheat to play well?


That is my main wish for Neo, I would like a clan system so much. The dev never gives an answer to this very old request, so I think he has no interest in this idea, bad for him👎

99% sure it’s because it’s too hard to modify it into Neo’s code. The app is already very outdated. Our only hope is basically Neo 2 which is hard to imagine because that thing called Evertale happened.

RISE VKC :fire::fire::fire:

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Really, of all the things that could possibly be done to improve neo, this is what your main wish is? :joy:


Jerboggernaut first. improved UI second. clan systems after.

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Maybe throw a galvbane icon in there too so we both get something out of this negotiation @EMI_Eklypz

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omg he actually said it

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eklpyz thinking big

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@Dev_VKC don’t keep me hanging or I’ll invite @Dev_BRD!

(ps. don’t worry I’ll never believe this hubris about you being in RISE!)

Wait what if “Dev” is a clan name…?


i considered that option. ngl. perhaps a merger is in order if thats the case.

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@Dev_BRD since @Dev_VKC has failed to respond, how you like to become a member of EMI?

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