A few Tickets...

I think the devs gave me a gift to awaken the new Deus x at once :star_struck:
123 7star tickets and 9999 6star tickets.
Athra is mine, dibe is mine, dusci is mine, floccu is mine, ice is mine, tail is mine, baha us mine, Bastia is mine, all shiny ones are mine…

But then, those disappeared :sob::sob:
I know they weren’t mine, but can get them ?
Oh come on! Just 20% of them ? Okay, 10% ? I need 10% of them.


Lol in ur dreams

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Not in mine :smirk:



Biggest flex on this forum ever

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Read below. I didn’t edit

But they disappeared automatically.
I think it was a minor glitch

Definitely: they’re most likely placeholder values chosen by the Devs when the system can’t get the actual value from the server, given how they’re such particular numbers

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