Ya'll Still Give away acc. inc. lengds. (free offers)

It seems i have no luck with this acc. A lvl 72 with no legend (im not counting taloknight). Tried 10in1,lots of single hatch… No luck! Im a free plyr also. I gave up once,came back… Cos i mis playing,its cool,but also frustrating lol.
Think i might start over again,till i get a good legnd at 1st roll

But anyways…
If ya’ll have an acc. U wnt to give away,
Count me in. I’ll be very thankful

Cool,you got one… Ive read about ure hack.

Itachi mind the language in future

Hey dont get me wrong here,im sorry… Im not here to judge anyone. i didnt even type that,was an error spam i think. When i post it i saw it already i edit it,post it again it was still there. Did it several times. I thought it was just a spam,ya’ll wont see it.

But anyways,im am very sorry
Hope u understand

Hey raga guess what I’ve been playing this game for way more than you … I have a brand new better account (lent by someone not saying name) but if your going to say that I’M HACKING OF ALL THE PEOPLE your wrong because guess what… I was lent the account so don’t every consist that I’m a freaking scum hacker okay?

I believe he ment that he saw that you got hacked. Not that you are a hacker.

Lol itachi, calm down.

He never wanted to call you a hacker imho :wink:

That was an unfortunate misunderstanding lol