Why is this game not part of Tapjoy.com

I found Dragon Island Blue because of Tapjoy, and tapjoy has offers free and for $, for the best currency in a whole bunch of app games. Now with eggs being as horrible and disappointing as they are, beating the entire game then finally getting a frizzleon after buying a discount egg and hitting ferver then buying all the discount eggs. You should give new and unlucky players the chance to catch up and win something. Tapjoy will also bring many new players if buying hunter island was one of those offers for another game, seeing as how DIB was one of these offers for Jurassic Park. I don’t see why this can’t be a two way street and we can’t go do stuff and get free gold even a 20 or 50 piece would be fine with me for free stuff and higher amounts for things you have to pay for. Just an idea… 

Yes, let’s make it so that new players don’t need anything except money to catch up to people who dedicated a whole lot of time and effort to getting where they were. New players can spend a bunch of money and get that far instantly.

True genius! … and is there really any connection here at all?


Ok, your right forget the unlucky players who never got anything, because even if that happens they will continue to get nothing regardless, and every gold egg is going to give out something amazing right (.01% chance so ugh) just leading to more disappointment right, so forget em. at 20 gold an offer thats like 15 things you have to do so right thats gonna flood the market with what a monster every week. 

the unavailability of good monsters makes pvp only for basically people like you, so have fun with that. Oh yeah and that also includes people with jobs that are not writing on a lovely forum. 

And are you kidding me, rich kids can ALREADY use real money to buy eggs… are you slow. Tapjoy was merely a suggestion to poorer people so they can do free offers for some gold. Like most other apps games. 

keep that i played first i deserve everything mentality, i bought the game the day it came out, and frillzeon is the only thing i ever got from an egg, after beating the game and only bc i hit ferver on discount eggs, had to get all 5 of them too, that lizard is the only reason i didnt quit the game

getting 0 wizard kitties and minoflares was awesome, i can understand the 0 kitties i didnt finish it but 27 eggs and no minoflare ??? You gotta understand where im comin from here i was so excited for this game now i just feel like its hating on me

Im sorry im so angry but does that sound at all like how your game has played out, i know your a beast and all little miss infinite dungeon master but how did your eggs treat you?

Sir, I’m going to ask you to calm down so we can have a rational discussion without you attacking Ashley, the developers or any other member of this forum

The Devs are new to the online part but they are doing the best that they can with what they have

Obviously mistakes have been made and they know this but you need to cut them some slack

Whoa, whoa, whoa. Don’t get all hyped up.

You seem to think eggs are the center of everything. That is a very wrong statement. It’s called finishing an online mission quickly, and winning one that way. Eggs do not mean everything. Besides, Ashie isn’t super lucky with eggs (if memory serves).

Regardless, it’s a new game. Brand new. You must understand that they are trying their very best. They have been very good with comments, feedback, complaints, and suggestions so far. They have most likely seen many of these rant threads, so it’s likely that they’re at least thinking about it. Realize that changes don’t happen overnight. Be patient. Stick to single player. Practice PVP agsinst friends. Improve your collection. There’s so much to do.

And it will only get better. I hope you stick around. Don’t let your frustration stop you from realizing the potential this game has. There are many errors here and there, and you are not the only victim. Just remember that everyone’s trying their hardest, mmkay?

Like all above: all monster except the online mission, is available to be caught in the wild, except a select few

And in the near future everything will be released in the wild

Ypur concept of using gold egg to get good monster isnot wrong, but there are more better monster to be caught, a bit more weak but youcam live with the, in pvp: wyrm trio, barricadus, angelron, shadowlance, luxknight, raijin, gremknight, all are available

Arkwing, necrodark, don penguini is available forfree

So start hunting those rare monster lad,if youwant afreemium game, game like immortalis,devilmaker tokyo, game frommobage

I’ve pkayedthose and i’ve seen peoplespent ten of thousandsdollar to be god, even new player

I love this game, last thing i want is for the developer to turn this game into a freemium game

  1. Unlucky players will still be able to get everything.
  2. Learn to time the eggs, so it’s not about luck anymore.
  3. Then go to the infinite dungeon and get lots of free gold eggs, and use your skill rather than rely on luck.
  4. Or just patiently wait as these egg-exclusive monsters come out in the game, get them then, and then you’ll be right on par with the “rich kids”.
  5. And by the way, most of those “rich kids” are actually hackers who will be banned.

 I’m so impatient for this to happen :smiley: It’s going to be a life changer B)

Meeree. Aren’t we all zyphlan xD however taking their time is good so they actually get them all in one swoop.

I wasn’t referring so much to people that aren’t legit :stuck_out_tongue:

Just about the having all arcs in the wild part :stuck_out_tongue:

But of course the cheaters being taken care of is quite a thing to look forwards to !

And better take their time and do it well then have some slip through the net !