Why i cant catch Twigster or Mossling?

I saw Twigster and Mossling 3 North of Reijin but i cant catch them, can someone tell me why?

Some arks Can summon other sacrifice Them self and summon a random ark (Grey gargols in Rejin forrest) but they are uncatchble …

Donstun nailed it! While mossling is still uncatchable, you can find twigster’s first evo (twiggy) in the forest east of Windon.

Yep , Twigster can be found but not in Rejin and I think its summoned indeed

Moved to FAQ section - this is an object game related question, and not sharing a monster party. 

Twigsters (1st evo) are REALLY RARE to find btw :stuck_out_tongue:

1% chance of finding it at east at the forests of Windon