Whomst win?

Who is the best sword-monster among these ones (Only Legendaries and above)? If you want to explain why you chose a specific monster go ahead! If you don’t that’s ok. Keep your secrets.

Though, keep in mind rarity shouldn’t necessary play a core factor in a monster’s swordsmanship. For example, I think Phantomaiden is a much more refined swordfighter than Nightrider, despite the inferior rarity.

  • Canishogun
  • Brynhildr
  • Deviladus
  • Kamishogun
  • Torazou
  • Shivadragon
  • Shurikaizer
  • Grizzleguard
  • Kaerukenshi
  • Excaliburdragon
  • Satomi
  • Ankara
  • Tyrfina
  • Suikenshi
  • Nightrider
  • Jaguardian
  • Centaureon

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Note: since they’re swordless in their final forms, Kunomi, Medbie and Kattmmander don’t count. Plus Kattmmander literally punches people, so…


Before I vote, I’m betting it’s Sui

aaaannnndd it’s sui

You forgot Lionheart.

does it matter? he barely even has a chance lmao

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Yeah but its sword is ugly af, it’s literally the rock I have in my garden but kinda sword shaped


His Natural Selection is cool though.

For me it’s ogremaster the reason is he can kill all stupid humans…

for me torazu feels like a true samurai and torazu jst feels the best

Kaerukenshi vs Suikenshi in an animation battle, it could be funny


You forgot Harleking, he has two swords

Devs could give us a shiny saberdragon, and his element should be holy.

It’d be a light-saberdragon

This is basically saying goodbye to aoe spam

Holy Saberdragon :sunglasses: or maybe we can call it Soul Saberdragon

No, it’s a lightsaberdragon

I’d let ya know if I knew any of these guys

Cani for that he is a master with an undead army

Suikenshi is the winner! Dude’s mind be so strong that he downright ignores distractions like Protectors and Stun. Plus he has TWO swords, which is always better than one.

If you can’t handle one sword, two is even worse


(Raizen and Shivadragon approaching menacingly)