Which monster do you want to see Buffed 🥳

I don’t care what anyone thinks of that, I always asked buffs for weak stuffs and nerf for too strong ones. After using him I do feel he needs a slight buff.

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@Dev_VKC Megalo with dragon boost killed Xanacorn with 4 storm Mon boost. What’s the use of Lighting Armor?

That’s like 7 kills

:stuck_out_tongue: that’s why I said slight speed buff

Yeah sorry about the profile picture i will try to figure out how to change it I had it because a lot of my friends thought it was funny


This is your 3rd monster you’ve awakened, I mean seems a bad idea to focus on awakening a mythic knowing it’s a bad mythic and asking for buff😂. Regardless it’s not like I have any opinion on buff and I don’t think I know enough to comment on buff/nerf, just trolling ya👍All love

it WAS funny👍 tho yeah I get it might frighten ppl

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I’d like to see Doomhoof get unmovable instead of gravity field. GF is way too restrictive on a mon that essentially relies on killing tokens.

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You can also keep your icon, it was just my opinion, I’m known to be oversensitive to creepy art. I even find Maggatsuoh creepy, but the community partly loves his art, that’s the freedom of choice and taste.

Send me direct message, I’ll create you any icon connected to Neo Monsters content if you like to.

With GF they won’t be able to use kb/repulse (given that you already have a good field)
How about giving cannibalize token instead of weed out? (Vineyes count as token now)

It’s cool, not everyone needs to go for S tier mythics. The bad mythics need some love too.


Right, they can’t repulse Knockback, but you can’t use ally sub or similar skills to generate the req tokens

Yeah it’s a shame, weed out is a worse cannibalize token at this point too. (Cannibalize token basically does everything it can at a lower TU+heal). I mean you won’t play him with epics right? LoL

Bruh we already discuss this long time ago Remember? When I said about what If Uraniumedhus have poison masacre instead aoe.

And u said its op because it can kill (2-3-4) in one turn. And now u asking bloodbath for him. :scream_cat:

Bloodbath definetly not resonable with how easy its gonna be to charge with kill spree

Swift aoe tho :eyes:

Yes normaly bloodbath give to single target monster. Like gremoris and Voidress they really carefull about this.

Even double bloodmove most likely they Will give to single target monster.

I honestly feel like swift aoe would be nice

Thats normaly what 59 secs?

So wile all his other killing moves are closer to 200 secs he would a simpler way to pick of things

I wonder what his aoe damage would be enraged maybe its a mistake :melting_face:

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I think a low tu move just to finish of hg kills should be more than engh.
Maybe something like Swift despairing attack(20% of total hp) (single target) fits with the fatal sting as well.
(Tbh that would be crazy lol)

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Btw tan just wants speed buff , bro is trying to manipulate everyone with tht suggestion :sweat_smile:.

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Increase Exo speed