Where are you from?

I want to see where everybody comes from :slight_smile:

I live in the Netherlands

Hey Jean…from Malaysia

Sunny Anaheim, California, home of The Mouse!

I do ask people not to give out to much personal information.  We want to make sure you and your information are safe, so please refrain of giving specific information on where you live. 

I am also from the netherlands :smiley:

I’m the author his southern neigbour! Belgium is my country!

Im from the Caribbean…NO im not jamaican :slight_smile:

@ pred ; Thats Why i only want to know the countries :slight_smile: the rest doesnt matter

Wisconsin, USA.

… As is obvious by my “Location” field in my post profile. 

France :smiley:

(Nope that doesn’t explain the frog :p)

That wasnt really obvious:p

I am from Puerto Rico :slight_smile:

Alabama, USA



I’m not from Alabama, I just hear that song every time I see it. Though the original song doesn’t have screaming vocals…

I’m from the south of the USA.

I’m from Saskatchewan Canada.


Palm Springs, California. 

Good ol’ Death Valley!

New Zealand

I’m from places

I often go there too :smiley: