When will my cat evolve?

Hi, I have had my cat Gabby for almost a year now. I take her out at least 4 times a day during the week and 6 times on weekends to train, we use the sanders and kentuckys in the henhouse outback, she defeats them very easily. I think she should have evolved by now, but nothings happened. I’m beginning to think I should start training on the soltusks, but the last cat I had tried to battle one and one bash, two chain fangs and an inferno later… Well you know what happened.

If anyone knows why my cat Gabby isn’t evolving or if it’s like a bug or something please let me know. I’m thinking it could have something to do with the stun skin of the Sanders and Kentuckys, she might be getting to much shock to her brain, causing a failure to release the proper hormones to start up her evolution. Also, my parents are starting to get suspicious of why the Sanders and Kentuckys keep dying off, any ideas on how I can cover that up?

P.S. my cat Gabby looks a lot like one of the arcadions in the game, I think it’s name was Birdy…?
Here’a a photo:

It evolves when it gets much older. It evolves into OlderCat. Its abilities are:

Purr - Pleases humans, gaining you a treat to regain health (50TU)

Nap - Regain health (1200 TU)

Eat a bunch - Regain health (100TU)

Cute - Never get attacked in battle (Passive)

I already have 2 Oldercats, I’m not sure if they will be good as a triplet… Should I just leave Gabby unevolved? She knows Cute, Purr and Cat-scratch Fever (similar to doom, kills the target after 500TU). If I put Gabby, Oldercat & my Fatdog together as a team I think I should be able to take on the Soltusks.

Thanks for the info!

That is one of the most brilliant things I’ve ever heard

I own the catdog reference, it can not be used but by me

It maybe evolves after eating a Birdie?

I object.



You should try to catch a very rare arkadion called Catnip wich you can feed to your Cat to level it up 10 levels in a flash !

Thanks for the advice! Where could I find catnip?

Catnip can be found.in the great tree of dog pee but its very dangerous so be careful

It needs a birdie