When to Ban Members

  1. First post is an irrelevant Spam

  2. Threatening Other Members

  3. Racial Comments 

  4. Hackers (submitting information regarding how to hack the game)

What else?


Are these all permanent bannings?
I think number 2 & 3 should be 7 days or more bannings depending on how serious.

  1. Permanent everytime.
  2. This one should be more like a 2 week then permanent because we can’t have that.
  3. I’m not sure how long this one should be.
  4. Permanent because obvious reasons


I’d like to add to the list: blatantly ignoring orders to stop by admins or mods

I know its obvious but I felt it needed to be pointed ot


good one, lets discuss about people who are out of control before banning them. 


Bringing my experience as a chat moderator, I expect we may see some new things in chat which will require banning.  Language is the biggest one.  Typically I would give a warning or two about language.  If it continued I would ban.  Loki had a 3 warning rule.  Kinda like 3 strikes and you’re out. Let me know what guidelines to use here please.

People often take chat as a chance to just show how colorful their language is.  Some stop after a warning.  Others continue regardless.  Truly obnoxious players spam the chat into oblivion.  On some occasions I couldn’t find the ban button fast enough.  

Here’s to a more mature crowd.  :)


In my opinion, I think rule three should expanded to include all offensive language towards a specific group (like gender/sex, religion, disability, etc.) 


I think that it was meant to, but phrased a bit simplified :slight_smile:


Oh, sorry. My bad! ^^;


We can make the first ( not super bad offense a warning) the second offense be a week ban and the third permanent.


I agree. I don’t think spamming should be a straight-away permanent ban, as some people don’t read the rules carefully enough. It’s good to give them a chance.


Unless its actual spam.

That’s autobahnhammer.

Just remember to quote, copy and drag to the spammer thread in this forum for documentation purposes.

Spambots should always be an automatic ban


Yeah, if their first post consists of : spam-you-curse.jpgthen i think a permaban is in order, however if they do it once (amusing they are semi-active members, there is no need to be so harsh


Can we liberally use the Kick feature in chat to sorta wake them up and warn them if they curse?  


You can do that or you can private chat them to get them to chill