what to do?


A member, Ramenlouka, was recently warned for abusive language, more details in ModeratorCP.

however, just a day later, he came in again, overloaded with caps posts, and made a comment how he “raped” an opponent in pvp. shortly after he stopped posting and left, but as it was so soon after his first warning, which told him that next times a ban, its best to decide as a group what to do.


This is a decision that needs a lot of thinking

We shouldn’t swing the ban hammer wildly but we also should make it clear we do not put up with abusive behavior.


Chat ban still gets the point across without being as harsh as a ban


he just came in chat and used strong language again, then left. I gave him a 2nd warning for the sake of this discussion.


I would say we swing the little ban hammer (chat ban) and if he takes to the forums even once, we swing the big ban hammer…


If it were me I would ban this dude.  He verbally abuses other members and uses profanity.  We ban him on chat what’s going to happen? He will take to the forum doing the exact same thing.


I think, from the evidence provided, he has done enough to warrant a temporary ban. He has had plenty of warnings and doesn’t seem to take them seriously. His language seems vile and “rape” should not be joked about no matter in what context.


I agree but it seems unwarranted to ban him after just giving him a warning.


i vote for a temporary ban of 3 days. If he does it again, hes out. 


That works for me, I was just saying, as he hasn’t done anything since his last warning (that I am aware of) it seems odd to ban him fully.


Because you want to treat all members equally - that is, you don’t want to punish one member more heavily than another for the same type of misbehavior - it’s good to have some general categories of ways people can misbehave (spam, bad language, hacking, adult content, etc.) and have general guidelines set up for how those types of actions will be dealt with. That way we efficiently know how to handle situations without constantly discussing it, and only discuss it if it’s a fairly exotic situation that doesn’t seem clear. IPB has a nice warning points system for this that you may already use - I haven’t had the opportunity to warn anyone yet.



I agree with Ashley, but he has been tip toeing on the line for a long time now. 

Has this issue been resolved yet? I believe he deserves a temporary ban as well, but not randomly. If we’re going to ban we should do it immediately after an offense or else we risk looking hammer-happy and as people who just ban others for no reason.


No it has not

we were waiting to hear from the rest of you first.


As a new moderator, I haven’t been aware of this ongoing issue. For this reason, I can’t have too much of an opinion in the matter (I haven’t seen what he has been doing). What would I do? I’d send him a private message and discuss what’s going on. I assume you tried that already and it didn’t get very far.

So, if he’s vulgar again, I say implement Lars’ idea and do a three day temporary ban. 


Blix, Would you mind posting the pictures?

Just so everyone is on the same page.


Personally, i think he deserves punishment right now, but it is as blix said, if we ban him our of the blue after just giving him a warning, we look ban-happy.


Well, right now to much time has passed to ban him now, if it happens again a 3-day ban.


I concur.


For lack of a better place to put this information:

Right now, as i type this, our friend Lars is looking into the chat and forum profanity filter and giving us our own color so we will be take more seriously and get less attitude when we try to moderate! Hopefully he can get it working, so wish him luck! :smiley:


I can post the pictures later today yes.