What team do you run?

Sooo ive just moved into pool b (waves hi guys! :stuck_out_tongue: ) and was wondering what team everyone uses to power through online missions!.. Currently working on 3 s ranked omegas thinking that should do the trick :slight_smile:

I used 2 Destructors and an Omegawyrm (S).

It worked well for me. When they started getting low, I did a quick reset (back to town) once I got to a waypoint.

2 Omegawyrms and a Destructor should work well if you only have one. If you have 0, then 3 Omegawyrms is probably a great idea.

That’s what i use too

( S ] Destructor
( A ] Destructor
( S ] Omega

Yeah unfortunately i dont have destructor :(… And now im wondering if three omegas will do the trick! If not ill make six!!

This is what I use:
I just need seven arks to get through the whole map, no going back to town needed.
Not all are S rank, they don’t need to be. Most random encounters have a max of 9 arks, if I’m correct. Bosses would be a little hard, though…
I use my main team for bosses then switch back to this and carry on. Watch out for puffoxins and stun skins though. Those kill off te frillzeons.

I didn’t say I needed to go back to town. But if I want to keep up my speed (2 destructors + an omegawyrm = serious speed), then it’s more useful to do that than it is to use other monsters in reserve.