What is this bs?

Thought to bring it up here as it really made me laugh. Did you guys know Evertale is advertising itself as a horror Pokémon game now :joy::joy::joy: That’s interesting knowing how the game really is like.

Honestly this game is one of the worst f***ups I’ve ever seen in the gaming industry and probably the worst one I’ve been involved in (played the beta). Not quite as bad as Fallout 76 but still… Now false advertisement is added as a cherry on the top on the multi-layered cake of grand failures that Evertale is. It’s really embarrassing at this point.


Great, yet another false advertising campaign done by Evertale. I wish Neo Monsters wasn’t associated with this game at all.


They do false advertising but the odds are real… Guys just take a position :rofl:

Is clear that Zigzag they don’t care about fair things. So arguing about things like odds or even false advertising is totally understandable

What are you on about? Hatching odds have nothing to do with this post!

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Has to do with company’s honesty which is questionable, a lot questionable.
So nothing surprises me anymore.

At least this is pure false advertisement. The ads are nothing like the actual game. Some of the video ads looked like a Pokémon clone which Evertale clearly isn’t. This is pure deceit and it’s in front of our eyes, no arguments can be made.

I take the position of logic and what I can see in front of me. The two things are completely different, don’t try to relate them.

I’m taking this tone because you choose to laugh at us like we’re stupid. The hatching odds is a clear legal problem that the company would not want to try, plus there’s no logical benefit for the company either. False advertising is nowhere near as serious and the company can get a large benefit from it. There’s also a less distinct line they’re crossing whereas with hatch odds they’re either true or not. It’s completely immoral to of course but doing this smaller thing doesn’t mean they’ll also do the other.


I didn’t mean to make you feel stupid at all, my apologies if that’s the case.
That’s your idea anyway immorality in zigzag games nowadays is just the standard, look at a game turned into hentai, false advertising, so I wont be surprised at all if the odds are not what they say to be or some accounts are rigged to make spenders spend even more.
Of course you are not forced to agree, neither I ask you to agree, but remember this, justice is being overruled by money for too long to revert the trend, hance that they are safe to cheat and abuse us because we are too little to do something to stop this.
Besides they won’t lose in court, because nobody is forced to spend, they will just bring up that is our choice to spend on something that we know being dishonest.

That’s my 50 cents.
I am done :grin:

It certainly is .

When they don’t have possible “gains” and might have repercussions for “false” statements from egg odds , how is that this false ad from same company makes it any less ethical .

Point to @DonT89 this time .

Also 2 things can’t be different if the core aspect is honesty .
“Hey that’s a fruit , but what u r talking about is a vegetable ! …”

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Disclaimer : I don’t support dont89 claims of false egg rates . I just feel he is in the right to believe why zigzagame would do it .

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Anybody can believe what they ever want. That’s how conspiracy theories are born.


Well at least there is the gameplay of the game
But they also have advertisement of evertale like this

Fml that’s not how court or law works.

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Sure that’s definitely not how court and law works. The law is equal for everyone and justice in this world is maintained perfectly everywhere!

Then why do you spend?

I am not spending like I did, but I gladly stand for who still does.
Here is bigger than me.
Besides, is not an appropriate question yours, anyone can freely spend and doesn’t owe an explanation to anybody up here.

Didn’t evertale get a strike from a you tuber for the same reason?
Where he called it a fake waifu collector game lol

Why though? If you think you are being scammed, why the hell do you keep putting money in it?

Trust me if they don’t revert the trend I’ll stop doing it totally, I have some kind love for this game which is getting disappointed day by day.

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Pretty surprising that Evertale got exposed for their misleading ads. shame that this puts a kind of bad spot for them tbh