What did you get from your Eggs?


Last anniversary honestly wasn’t that great if I recall. The first one was great, and the following Valentine’s Day was good if I recall. I’ll probably have around 900 stored up by October, so we’ll see what happens. If it’s good enough, I’ll occasionally buy some gems to help out the devs. Although with the current bugs (freezing, enemy mons randomly being shielded) I’m inclined not to do that until if/when they get fixed.


Last anniversary was BB, Regalion, Raizen i think… i had just started and haf zero gems or understanding of the game and the quality of those monsters at that time lol.


Last anniversary had bb and moji. And I can hands down say that BB is one of top 3 best monsters, if not #1. Even in PVE he rocks. Kills in uc till late levels


Regalion was new years


Yeah, I’d like to have him. I also really like Tenebris due to the blood cloning.


Ah ya thats right! Im running them together in my mind lol.

BB is a PvE master. Should be crazy good in PvP but everyone just targets him immediately. If hes allowed to get going he cuts through your whole team in seconds, but nobody lets him get going :joy:


I got coal also


Opened 6 10-egg packs for the festival. Ended up pulling Zeus, Gunfish and Geartyrants base from. Somewhat disappointed I got less Limited monsters than I expected, but at least I got the one I really wanted.


Gear is amazing.