What did you get from your Eggs?


Thanks man…xD


How do you play so many accounts at once


Woah man…now that is harsh as hell. Got nearly 20 rare eggs myself. God I hope I’ll get at least 1-2 new legends out of those at least. :confused:


i have four devices.


it is extremely harsh considering the last time I rolled for my acc3. Only one rainbow egg out of six packs from turtle special event and it was the ghost rather than turtle.


Koco bro your luck is brutal. I’m sorry man.


Just got my first legendary. A Galliodragen. I don’t know if I should be glad or sad.
But i think i am happy :smile:


Got ultimadragon :grinning:

I already had it already but cant complain about lowering the cooldown of a death revenge monster i use on my main team.

DR power !!!


Just rolled bolv and the featured SE. thoughts on these guys?


robin is good, bolv need specific team to reach his max capability
bolv is good for near end game tho


Bolv at endgame with his SS unlocked is a major pain to deal with.


3 packs got Celeshine and shark


Lucky. Celeshine looks pretty sweet.


Congrata bro. Glad you found some luck.


As the other guys said… Bovolcus end-game with his SS unlocked is awesome! I did this as soon as his moveset got re-vamped and it seems others had the same idea because now it’s commonly known as the right place. His moveset is incredibly versatile for any situation you might be in by the time he arrives on the field. He’s slightly less good in buffed PvE because slayerbane damage drops off but in Ultimate Challenge he’s brilliant.


Hmpf…Opened up 16 rare eggs…Few dupes and the rest? Hm…More or less “ok” I guess. Hoped for Atras, Aura or Mechaviathan for once but you know…rng is rng…

  • Ponyus
  • Moonia
  • Shurkid
  • Bazilor
  • Solidsquire
  • Grimly


Current festival, 3 packs. ■■■■■■■ your higher chance of featured legends!


That ad to hurt :unamused: better luck next time


Burns isn’t bad.


Have had no luck after ankou festival.