What did you get from your Eggs?

My 97th legendary, 3 more to go until I reach three digits :slightly_smiling_face:



Stay tuned for my upcoming thread: “Why Lemon should actually be buffed”


You should collaborate with some other players as well


Who is up for a nova is not op mon and should be given a buff thread

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Not so quick. I have to hatch one first

Yes we are not even seeing him in teams this PvP season . It is really not meta anymore we need to buff him may be timestrike to timecrush or 36tu .

ye and give him double bloodthirst too while u r at it… make it 20 tu btw

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Plus raw we don’t want protectors


Welcome to the lemon club lol

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I’ll be one of her most stalwart defenders from now on

Guard her with your life lol

Lemon sus

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not agree,they must give him bloodfury all with 15sec

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Give him
1.instant deathstroke all
2. instant deathstroke all
3. instant deathstroke all
4. instant deathstroke all

Ss. instant deathstroke all.

Speed 100000000%

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