What did you get from your Eggs?

That’s what I was gathering. Unfortunately the only strong fire monsters I have are Kamishogun and Deodragon. Really wanting Shivadragon now and some good fire monsters lol

Two packs. Only SE and E, though did not beyond my expectation.

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Rolled two packs in the Suikenshi Special Egg; managed to pull Capobear, Raydar and Neptrion.

Edit: Tried my luck with the Rare Egg using my leftover gems and snagged myself Suikenshi’s first form. That makes up for the bad luck I had with my last batch of Rare Eggs.

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If you run it at the end of your team with fire monsters, there’s little risk of it being isolated. It’s link bloodbite can feel like a last bite, only with other team mates as well, even as the only monster left on your team the link function will still work. Put it last would be my advice.

I purchased 2 rare gems from the Finn shop to complete the 3 I already had and ended up getting this guy :grin:


Amazing pull :ok_hand:t2:

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I’m jelly

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3rd pack. One legend but it is not a featured one.:face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

You know you’re playing too much Neo Mons when you dream rolling 3 packs and getting nothing but Epic dupes…

4th pack. One legend, still not featured.

@kocowind just has really bad luck in terms of rolls and needs the king of luck to roll the packs for him. Wish him all the best in rolls as i quite feel am on the same boat as him

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The rolls I get aren’t necessarily bad, I’m just getting alot of pieces to different puzzles that go far better with a good counterpart(s). Ex, I have 2 Flutterdrakes, 2 Thlugs, Oniblade with no BB or sleep immune or other sleep inducing legend, Tiamezeus pairs with my Freezecobra but no other poison initiating mons worthy of note, no Stag to pair with Emeraldeus, etc.

I get good pulls but not alot of synergy yet lol.somehow I manage and will just keep chomping at the bit.

1 pack, the only one i wanted


Now you can evolve and become acy beary IIII


I am still looking for Gryphking… Is frustrating missing only one legendary and not finding him… :roll_eyes:

Just completed all legendaries :heart_eyes:


Awesome! Congrats bro. Please send any spares to Lemon Squeezy. Address to follow.


You need to do a little queue buddy… Ahahahaha

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Could you post your full list of legends somewhere so we could admire it? :slightly_smiling_face:

Oh btw I got this from a single :cowboy_hat_face: