What did you get from your Eggs?

Now i have just 28 more gems left :sob:

I did 6 packs.

3 packs had nothing in them.
1 pack had the light bird which sucks.
1 pack on tago got the mythic green.
Last pack i got motor and water mythic dup.

I guess i wount be getting the new mythic then i save up 140 for new year.


3 packs…first pack literally not one SE or Legend all Epics…ended up getting Tygo and Glory in a 2nd pack so I can’t complain

Both limited in 2 packs is imho pretty lucky. Just saying even with the higher chance

First you got the earth queen and now the alien queen! Amazing!

While I’m here, waiting with dragulus’ second form and a disgusting scorpion which was almost getting a buff but a guy who abuses the hell out of dracorosa and BB is saying “tHaT bUfF wOuLd bE tOo gOoD :woozy_face:

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Keep this guy in mind also. The alien’s speed is 20% but with this guy, she is 60% and you get a turn every 50 TU instead of 160 TU if you used give turn. This monster is stupid broken with this SE so people who are underestimading it are straight up clown who top by their monsters’ carrying and not with skill and creativity.

Never mind. The skill auto overwatch says by enemy attacks but gotta test it anyway, right?


It will get triggered by monsters that damage on entry. That Dinosaur and the flame mythic. A great counter to them.


Thanks for the the tip. I never thought of using it that way
I’m gonna do some testing after this

Hahaha I’ve been playing this game for 2 years and still don’t have BB. I even spent all my gems on the dracorosa + geo egg without getting anything. So you should be really happy with what you have considering they are S+ monsters


I was talking about KD. I also don’t have them. Both really “amazing” monsters but imo, they are broken.

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I just tested the combo out. Unfortunately it doesn’t work :sob:
But still thanks trying to help

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One pack - tygo and gloreonix :smirk:


5 packs in the new banner.
One mythic and a shocking dupe.

why new myth do in second/final form? auto overwatch?



That’s a sick draw. I don’t know if it can go better than that :sweat_smile:

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Congrats on the good luck!

Jesus. That’s more than I get in year :joy:

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One pack. Got the one i wanted.

Time to get aegis and prepare for my link holy horse team