What did you get from your Eggs?


Welcome to the thread to discuss what you got from your eggs whether they be gold, rare gold, festival, or any other variety!

As players of the game, we always get excited over good mons granted unto us from eggs and as such, it can often derail threads here and there. Now however, we have somewhere dedicated to discussion of what we get, good or bad. So go ahead and tell us what wondrous creatures have joined your line-ups or indeed, any mons you wish you could crush back into the gems you traded for them :slight_smile:

Please just remember that’s all this thread is about and to not get envious over others’ luck, because at the end of the day, that’s all it is folks!

Happy hatching!


I hatched two Rare gold eggs
First one a super epic protect focus monster
Second one was Nightlord my second legendary.


I have firesquire in one shot in rare gold eggs .he is good?


Lame :( 7 epics (4 dupes) 2 super epic dupes 1 average super epic. Still no legends currently over 80 rolls.


Sorry for you but you have a good super epic


Zephyrox is OK but doesn’t suit my teams


I got Leviapedo from my rare gems hatch. It’s my third legendary. From the new 10 hatch, I got mostly super epics and epics dupes. I hope people can get legendary mons as well.


1 super epic dup, 2 epic dup, 2 useless epic. Haven’t seen a legendary for a very long time.


I wish galliodragon was better. he should have timestrike instead of his all move. I think it would go better with double stun strike. stealth and life flip infinite is ok.
or maybe give him bloodthirst instead. its like he can’t get kills on his own with his current move pool.


Stealth isn’t good. He doesn’t need it. He should get double timestrike.


oooohhh, double stunstrike followed by double timestrike, into a bloodcrave/thirst, and life flip to keep him going. sounds pretty good, if only…


Ryan said he will talk to the team about him.


I hope they fix him, mainly because I hatched him.


Hatched him too in with my rare egg. Do you think they will really give him other moves?


4 Rolls (on 3rd one) i got DOOMENGINE :slight_smile:



I don’t know. they should.


I got 4 legends this festival Drakozord Z, Drakuleus( the bad version of leogeist), Metatherion and Guardiron and like 20 SE dupes and 30 / 35 epic dupes xd


(From the last 2 or so festivals)

Rare Egg: Shadowyrm

Festival Eggs:







I hatched a fairyon!!


In the last egg event I rolled around 7 times, the last 3 rolls were legendaries: firesquire, cybereon and flamie.  Rolled 3 times in the current event including one rare egg roll and got the Toad aka Tiamad