What about the PvP Ranked

Taking into account that there are many players who do not have access to the game yet, I wonder what will happen to classified pvp

It’s worrying me, this and the anniversary
And it seems that @Dev_VKC He is on the beach drinking beer like nothing, because I do not see that they do not fix it, or bring new news, I just hope this is fixed for 2 AM UTC

@Dev_VKC mind post poning ranked?

This is not very respectful to them…
Yeah, I agree they probably should have been more careful with the updates one day before anniversary AND ranked PvP, but I’m extra sure they’re working their asses off to fix this issue, which is paralyzing the game for some players.

Being a game developer is very stressful… They’re probably going through some major work and pressure right now


Btw Devs, I have (safe for work) gay fanart of Abyssoldier Hill and Antistan I have been commissioned some time ago (I will not reveal the committee) and finished just today.

If the game isn’t fixed soon, I will post it on the forum. You have been warned


it’s a chance to be the top pvp right?

Much more

I hope so, but this situation is already making me angry that’s why I said this


Hey guys i wanna build a new pvp team. Some tips?