Welcome New Mods!


I would like to congratulate you guys on your promotion to moderators!

Remember, you guys not only represent the forum but the developers and ZigZaGames, so let’s be the role models we claim to be, yes?

Other than that, I have nothing else to add!

Let’s make the release of Hunter Island and future games awesome!





Thank you very much for this honor; I will try my best.


As will I, I look forward to being around and watching this forum grow and prosper!


I shall use my powers to thwart the villains!


May I ask who? I’ve just had exams and haven’t had much time to check the forum. Or do anything but study for that matter


I think it’s just Me, Aethin, Kooka, and Jemnidad. I might be forgetting someone… Sorry if I am.


Blixtiya, KiltedCobra, and PREDleader are as well.


Wow *facepalm* I forgot so many… It was early… So tired…


Nice to see you alive Spikes :stuck_out_tongue: