Warning to nubes- spend your money on socks.

This thread is to warn nubes (and remind us foolish vets) that the odds on this game are :poop:.

Main acct: 5 10pks including $$$ 1 new legend and 2 dupes.

Second account 4 10pks 0 new legends 1 dupe.

Lesson to future me and to nubes, don’t spend your hard earned money.


What kinda socks we talking? Dress socks, sport socks, Christmas colored ones?


Dress or sport obviously. We maximizing the utility of our dollars here bro

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Imagine all the avocado toast you could buy instead of gems

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That’s maximizing money use because we can use socks as gloves .Some christmas socks like these are great since christmas is coming:

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I thought you already learnt that lesson… Especially with the arise of mythics it’s no time to spend unless you are gonna spend big or as Mr X put it once, have @phantom luck.

You should have cited mine to warn nubes.
14 pks and 1 legend in anniversary.

Why not both?

@Dev_VKC @Dev_BRD you guys need to make your own sock merchandise so we can buy them neo socks. :socks: :heart_eyes:

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Neo Socks! Make them available in the ticket shop for 10 tickets. Delivered to our door. :joy::joy:

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I opened 30 packs since void egg.

30*40 = 1200 gems/4 = 300 eggs

I ended up with 2 mythics (grass protector dupe-dule guy) so the odds were 2/300*100 =0.667%

New Legendaries (null-pengbot-whitetitan-panda-frog-pumpkin- wriathcaptian)

I also ended up getting dup cani and dup panda and dup null

So in total i would had got 10 featured legendaries.

The odds of getting a featured legendary +the 10x boost 10/300*100 = 3.33

The odds of getting a featured legendary during anniversary after rolling the rainbow egg 1/38*10×100= 26.31%

So even after rolling a rainbow egg which is 6.1%

You are more likely to get screwd 100%-
26 = 76% of the times.

I had to edit because its 10x not 10% and for doing some pepega math.

no let’s make a 10 pack with 5% chance to get the socks

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1% for socks with mojinator logo on it

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There are so many unmentionable words that rhyme with nubes !

Tubes? Cubes? Thats all I can think of :joy:

Try with l or p


Pubes :yum:


Well thats just silly


But it is indeed