Vile rage

I’ve searched around (forum, wiki, Google) and can’t find any numbers on vile rage. How much does it alter the attack and defence of a monster?

First impression is it looks like +50% -50%. Also, like attack boost it’s only possible to apply once right?

I’ve been wanting to know this ever since Nereida came out but now I’ve actually got a monster with it I NEED to know :wink:

vile rage similar to Enrage Teammate well its suspense how much it decrease defense i guess 50 50 im sure not all defense decrease since they dont mention ^all of its^

Yeah can’t find any info on that either. Increased attack I can work out from testing but the decrease in defence is not as easy to find out. If it’s +50%, -50% that’s a bit annoying because that will be damage dealt x1.5 and damage taken x2. My hope is that it’s +50%, -33%.