UI/Control Issues


This is where we post issues with the controls and user interface. If something frustrates you about the controls, please post here.


There’s a UI issue when clicking on your bag, and on the ocarina. If you tap on the monsters icon, it says:

StatMaxMonstersInfoTitleKey, with the description: StatMaxMonstersInfoMessageKey, rather than an actual description of that icon.

Also, why are there blank cards in the bench area of the monster line-up screen? I think there shouldn’t be any blank cards, there should only be the monsters you have. And if you delete a monster, it leaves a blank card in the middle of your monsters in the bench (though that is fixed when closing the screen and opening it again). Was there a particular reason for those blank cards?


About moving in dungeons… I think either:

  1. You should not be able to move directly to a room that isn’t connected to the room you’re currently in.

  2. If you can, the character should at least visually walk through the correct path to get to that room (and fight any monsters that might be in the way).

It doesn’t make sense for the character to teleport from one room to another if the rooms aren’t directly connected.


>There’s a UI issue when clicking on your bag, and on the ocarina. If you tap on the monsters icon, it says:

Added to fix list

>Also, why are there blank cards in the bench area of the monster line-up screen?

We did that in case you wanted to take a monster out of your line up first, and then find a replacement for it to go in on  the exact same place after you do that. Also it makes it clear for beginners that you are taking monsters off your lineup by tapping on the down arrow. 

>About moving in dungeons… 

We did teleport to rooms you have been to even if its not connected to your current room to avoid nuisances involved with traveling. At first we were making the character walk all the way over, but it got annoying after a while as he takes a while to make the move. Speeding up his animation made it look really bad. Also not being able to move directly to a room that is not connected was a little annoying after a while too (for traveling back to rooms that you’ve been to).



ah ok added to fix list


The message that asks you to visit Casper in the beginning town because I’ve captured a lot of Arkadions has a few issues:

  1. I’ve already visited Casper, and the messages are still appearing.

  2. They appear too many times. Three fights in a row, the message appeared after the fight (even though I didn’t capture a new monster in the latter two).


You didnt have a crash in between these fights right? Did you suspend the app or anything like that? Just 3 smooth battles in a row?


I may have gone back into the town in between them but other than that, smooth battles.


Okay, thats bad news :slight_smile: What caused it to go away do you think?


Nothing special happened. None of my monsters leveled, I didn’t catch any new ones, I can’t see anything that would have made a difference. I haven’t had a problem with it since then, though.


Okay, we’ll look into it


In the monsterpedia, are all monsters supposed to be listed as Level 1, rank E when you tap on them? (When you tap again on the interface where it says the level 1 and the rank E, it shows the correct level of yours without a rank). Just curious about that. And are first ones supposed to be shown as Level 0? Or should they have their rank shown?


Monsterpedia is supposed to be a generic list of monsters you caught, and should have nothing to do with the individual monsters’ stats etc. But I think its confusing to have it all 1 and E (and kind of lame), so we should prob not show them at all. Added to list


Perhaps the map should show the actual location on the world map you’re at? Currently, the arrow only points to the last town you visited but doesn’t show you where you are. Maybe there should be a marking for the last town you visited (so you can know which one you’ll teleport back to if you hit the ‘go back to town’ button) and then use the arrow to mark your actual position.


Hi Ashley, actually, thats what we originally planned to do, but things got too yucky so we dropped the plan. This one is probably update material because its gonna take some work. Great idea though!



Not really 100% sure where to post this,

The Tower of Deucalion and The Ark below it shows how many monsters you´ve caught(in the upper left corner) even though you can´t catch monsters in there.



For me when choosing checkpoints for dungeons, the “Go To” button doesn’t look right.  When I first got this pop up it gave me the feeling that I can’t press it or that the area is locked or something.  I think the reason I got this impression was the difference between the two buttons that appear.


Oh Great point. Will fix

Walk paths are easy to fix. I think Im gonna walk around a whole bunch and find more places like that.

We can make the buttons have the same style font to see if that fixes that issue. Thanks!