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How does one actually score differently when winning gatekeepers? (namely different enemy power bonus)

I thought that all gatekeepers are the same for everyone? or am I wrong

I guess it’s calculated with the costs of your team

if so there should be players with 250+ costs lol 

It is just a random value. I don’t know why devs make this. One of most horrible and unfair designs.

■■■■ man I hope you are kidding. I said calculation not addition.

Nope, I highly doubt it my friend is level 100+ and still 100 cost below someone in third gk point.

but he is might using let’s say 160 costs to pass the GK and someone who is using only 130 costs is getting more points because he did it with a “weak” team.

really? I gonna check with him on a bit btw he is now in 321 below juLong 

I’ve said it was just random. I used the same team to pass the same gk and got different scores.

Yeah, it’s random, you guys are thinking too much. Read the event explaination info.

nah man, enemy power bonus should be the same if the opponents are the same not a freaking random number. 

Well, this is absurd.