To Void or not to void that is the question


I will keep it short and simple:

Void is without a doubt and by far the best mythic. If you ever faced StarLord in the recent days, you might got a taste of what void is capable of. Once it has gotten its three kills, it is basically game over for the opponent. And the Combo with Utopian Aegis and Midas is definitely just the beginning. Saying it with pop cultural reference: You aint seen nothing yet

This is not a “NERPH VOID” Thread, but especially with the current egg, i’m afraid the meta could shift into a either you have void or you dont have him but in case you dont have him, youre at a clear disadvantage. Basically the same it was, when Zib/Gazer was around. I’m not comparing the two situations, i’m just saying that back then the players were also divided in the you own the combo/you dont own it groups.

The outcome of a pvp match shouldnt be determined by the face wether you have this one monster or not. We havent reached that point, but i can see it at the horizon so i’d like to hear your thoughts on this.



I havnt seen him yet, and i also dont have him, so just an objective note:

You also have a clrearly disadvantage when youre not running malwing / chrome / lionangle / shark and more. Some monsters are just stronger (and uglier apparently), and not everybody has everything.

So advantages aside, the question is - is it counterable? Do you have to run a very specific FL to deal with it?


I think Voidress is a monster that will carry many weaker players, like how Delugazar or a few others can. However, in the competitive top end of PvP any individual monster can be dealt with. Voidress is incredibly strong and one of the best monsters in the game but people in the top bracket will beat the teams using it without any spectacular issue.

If you’ve ever picked up an “overpowered” monster you’ll know… it might look overpowered and do amazingly well in lots of matches, but there are loads of matches where it does practically nothing at all because it wasn’t what you needed in that situation or the opponent had control of the match at the point it entered.

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I faced several times a void not awakened yet in PvP and I have to admit it can be handled easily at least for me. I am owning void as well but somehow as 12 cost not potted and without the support monsters you mentioned there is no room for me…I have faced starlord as well and I managed to beat him as well. It’s all about the right setup. There won’t be a meta about void or not. That’s already what I call running into a panic mode


I’ll give you something to void


I never had problems dealing with void either. But even those battles in the top bracket showed me, that void is a monster with a high potential of being part of a broken combo. The guy who discovered Zibel/Gazer once explained to me the warning signs of a broken combo which is yet to come and he was arguably one the 3 best players to ever play this game. It’s not about what is possible with void now. It’s about what Void can do in the future. Most likely you’re right and the top bracket will still be able to deal with void easily. But the success of those void teams will make pvp dull and repetitive because there will be a lot of copies of those teams. Ive seen this development before, the exact same pattern.


It’s a black beast that is durable.

Enough said.


Y’all gone wanna nerf viod when i get it

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Nah void is overestimated

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I’m waiting for it @NMEGaryOak

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Void is overestimated,

There are many counters to her at top level,
From my experience vs raftstar
I usually counter him well with my normal pvp team and actually force him to keep on killing his own units instead of using bloodbath.

As am also a void owner i tried her in ranked pvp seems okay there where many situations where i think i would be much better off with something like BB over void.

Void is like putting all your eggs in one basket.

Her weakness

Any monster with camouflage.
Stag/heaven (would give her alot of trouble)
Sleep enterance(malwing and his pals)
Dusc counters her well with his shield field.
Stealth killers.
Knock back


Once you awaken it…


Oh no no no… when a void broken combo is discovered, it will most likely be discovered by skilled players… I doubt if top players can deal with it !! I’m sure a nerf will be shouted out :grin:


You guys saying void is easy to deal with havnt faced an awakened version yet. With high stats, a shield and power slash,Bloodbath in a team full of protecters and GT monsters she is near unstoppable. Disruption teams would probably be the best way to stop her, i aslo think broken combos will be discovered but will have to wait and see.


Why are you are jumping to conclusions before anyone has awakened and found that team.

And Give turn +BB is alot easier to setup and way more effective then wipeing out 4 at once


Awakened Voidress will be good for sure. She’s an alternative version of Delugazar which is slower to charge, has a bit less flexibility and no excessive force but sweeps 4 at once and is much more defensive. Delugazar has never been overpowered but is brutal in some combos and very strong in many teams. I feel like Voidress will be the same, maybe a bit stronger in a well-built good combo but is more restricted in where it works and less controlled with the sweeping.


Wait until you see voidresses eating taloknight, cosmo and nebelronix.

Good luck breaking 4 shields. 1 from passive, 1 from talo, 1 from cosmo/nebel each.

That and it’s shielding the protectors too.


Yup, but the times that combo fails the team is left with quite a few random monsters they don’t want out on the field. In order to make a good combo with Voidress you have to build around it whereas Delugazar can more easily fit into teams.


And when exactly does it fail?

You have constantly shielded AP+ every 50 seconds.

Even if it does fail. Nebel and cosmo are both great for setting other things up as well.


If fails when you did those backstabs for nothing. Basically putting you to a disadvantage instantly