Tiles reset?

Does anyone know if the number of battles on a tiles or spawn spots reset if you go to another tile? For example im on the first tile from agramis tht spawn leafy. If i left tht tile and go to the tile that spawn ashie, would the 300 consecutive battles on leafy tile be reset?

No it would not but usually it’s better if you stick to that spot until you get them

And it saves time if u stay on one spot

you don’t want to be like going to 1 spot then to the other eg.

spot 1: Dratz did not find leafy ( moves to spot 2)

spot 2: Dratz did not find ashie ( moves back to spot 1)

this would take more time searching for both at once so just stick to 1 particular spot until you find 1 then move on 

Haha yeah and what if u just move one spot and at the other spot is a leafy but u missed it because u decided to go on another spot