Thoughts on Risu?

1- I have not been wrong, I am very happy with risu, I am simply surprised that you have stated that it is not good for pvp and you say that it does not need to be buffed, I did not expect that from you. I think whether we have the mythical awakened or not, we must be objective, and it is not objective for you to say that it is not good for pvp and after that to say that it does not need to be buffed (it is not a comment with bad intentions)

2- I have aracnadiva, she is simply limited and I cannot use it together with risu yo test the strategy

ps: I repeat in case it’s not clear, I don’t care if they Buff RISU, I’m going to continue using it on my team, I would wake it up again

I know I wasn’t super clear and English isn’t your native language. So to be clear now: I never said she’s bad for PvP and I do not think this. She’s just a bit tricky to utilise there and she’s much better suited to PvE.

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If so, my mistake

Bro asking buff for 2000% defence mons is no joke. Don’t be selfish,every mons shouldn’t be PvP machine.

You clearly did not read the part where I said I’m not asking for a buff, and was stating my thoughts on Risu as that is the whole point of this thread

You guys want camo permanent+ sweeping which is never possible. Maybe can reduce tu of token other than that i can’t see any area she needs buff.

I knew it won’t kill , I just recorded to show , she definitely needs like 10 k defence boost
Duo attack who is a move that deal high damage did only 261

She has no attack move until she spends 300tu on the field. Maybe that’s why. Your Geoceron will knock her back making her totally worthless. And the enemy is left with an useless token afterwards.

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That useless token will revive something at the back

Without forgetting acon rage

Read the description of it.

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Yeah, revival at the end of the team. Super helpful especially with so many strats that require food at the back. :upside_down_face:

Lmao. I thought it was only restricted to when she’s not on the field. Ultimately she’s not so great

This was your opinion about her in the beginning, it’s clearly say: you are against such numbers and this amount of boost , but now you own it your opinion changed ,

There is many ways to make her sweep before , like vile rage , poison gas , toxic give turn , and many combo where you sacrifice monsters that has poison revenge

None of those ways are advantageous to get her killed, she kills at 300 seconds until then she is almost dead weight, but I am sure she has her uses, I like the acorn