Thoughts on Goliatherion( New Mythic)

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it’s awful.

And ugly

since it have high defense, harden carapace and can heal, I would pair it with Arachna

I think it’s fantastic. The only downside is the speed. This guy is a great candidate to pour ores of vitality into.

I think imma have to start saving gems.


I just don’t like Slash all on an awaken mythic


59tu pure cure is excellent for PvE. in addition its hold ground and Harden Carapace just like beetlebrute who will work well with it in union.

its second form still has star eater, hold ground, harden Carapace and replaces pure cure with purifying ray which is still a superb move.

i agree that slash all is a bad move and a bit of a cop out from the devs though.

I’m totally going to try this with gummy dragons XD

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New mythic will be pog after buff

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Standard hit all moves were very common on mythics just a couple of years ago. For ones with more complex/unique movesets they often need the extra slot, but here the moveset is all about star eater so it doesn’t need a fourth move.

While I don’t think Goliatherion is super strong, it’s definitely not a monster you can count out. Star eater is crazy if it gets going and Goliatherion is very hard to kill, plus the SS enables star eater on the first turn. I think it should perform pretty well and if people can figure out clever placements for it in a team it should do very well (e.g. at the back with rocks, alongside monsters that create token teammates, etc.).

The only thing truly holding it back is the low speed, but it’s got the defence and HG to help with that. Other than that it’s about how awkward it is to build around… which is hard to judge.

mojincess teams ftw!

One thing I forgot to add to my last post…
I think the artwork is great for 1st and 2nd form but I don’t like the final form. It’s way too spiky and ugly. I wish they’d kept it more like the second form.

The chest looks very odd and you can’t see the shape properly because of all the spikes. The tail looks out of place it’s like a dragon/reptile tail rather than a plated beetle tail. The pincers don’t look right being curved. Maybe I’m wrong, but I don’t think they’re like this in nature because it’s not a strong structure compared to the shape we see here in second form. Honestly though, great work on the art for the 1st and 2n form.

I disagree. I think it’s one of the best designs to come out for a while! Clean look, good combination of colours, not over the top, just nice to look at. Reminds me of the classic neo monsters designs (simpler times) which is great!

The real Goliath beetle is much more ugly imo, but the colour combination is quite interesting.


I think all you said is true for the second form and I do love the way that looks, it’s just some choices with the final form I take issue with. I’m glad you, and I guess probably many others, like the look of it :slight_smile:

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As a beetle and insect enthusiast, I like its design. But I won’t lie, its wings look a bit misplaced, and the horn on the top of its head is kinda ugly.
A bit off topic, but I’m still waiting for devs to give us something like this:

Idolomantis Diabolica (Giant Devil Flower Mantis)

or this:

Parablepharis Kuhlii (Darth Vader Mantis)

or even this cool guy here:

Cyclochila australasiae (Blue Moon Cicada)

Not to mention that we lack some really cool insects, such as dragonflies and butterflies.

I think the rhino beetle and its close relatives are the most badass insects. It’s insane to think nature somehow came up with those shapes!


And some of them can lift a load around 850 times heavier than their own weight. That’s insane! And I must mention the Onthophagus taurus, who managed to pull a load of 1.141 times its own body weight!

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Replace Harden Carapace with a passive skill that have a “chitin” on its name. xD It is the same as Harden Carapace but when he is allied by monsters of lower stars that is summoned from enemies (moogong, rockie, bronzie, boxie), it becomes Diamond Carapace or Perfect Stance. It makes him sturdier and Star Eater ready due to enemy’s fault.

Slash All to Double Deicide EX or piercing Deicide EX

Slash All to Double Natural Selection

Double Bloodthirst to Double Bloodlust

Slash All to Assisted Slash All

Slash All to Void Slash All

Piercing Fast Fury? why not.

No idea but his bulky front and arm position weirdly makes him look like he’s struggling to balance his self and is about to tip off. haha Although he have a very nice coloring, his exoskeleton reminds me of ancient pillars too. It’s a very great design :white_heart::blue_heart::yellow_heart:

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Hardened carapace already gives it the defence cap, because it’s a full defence monster (it’s to do with the relative attack vs defence of the attacker vs defender and full defence gives slightly more defence than the max attack so when doubled it’s over 2x the amount, which is where the defence cap is - if you can follow any of that). So basically there’s no need to change how the defence buff works.

I think it’s a bit early to call for buffs to him. I doubt many have him awakened so we barely have any knowledge about how he plays in practice. Star eater has huge potential so I don’t think the aggression or defence need any buff (the star eater aspect of Goliath is probably the part that’s strong enough as it is).

So if it did need a buff then here’s what I would consider (suggested by a clan member of mine and I agree)…
Hardened carapace → Insomnia carapace [immune to enemy sleep effects, +100% defence when over 70% HP]

I’m not a huge fan of simply adding on extra passives to monsters, but I think in this case it might be a smart way to give him proper utility outside of star eater. Pure cure is a great move and with insomnia would make Goliatherion a decent counter to sleep.


while i agree that he is better than people realise i will say that he is a monster i probably won’t want to awaken since his 2nd form is pretty good.

Lunactia will work well with it since she can make rocks in either team and it will benefit you. (her assassinate and its star eater respectively)

In second form it’s much weaker! The SS is a huge upgrade and star eater TU goes from 120 → 70!


I see, thank you for elaborating about the defence cap. Count me in as well xD I agree it’s better to make him insomnolent instead.

I don’t have him but I just like to see him being used by a lot of people. He looks very nice on the screen.