Things I Learned Today

Because I found this type of thread promotes some interesting discussions while also teaching people. Also, I love useless information


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  4. LEARN!**

Today I learned that the US has no laws against cannibalism (if you exclude Murder and corpse desecration laws)

Well not sure what to post here so i am just going to share something one of my college teachers taught me

how to make a magnet easily.

Get a piece of copper wire 

get a battery 

tie the copper wire around the battery

hold onto the long end of the copper which you can use to lower the battery and reach in places where you dropped stuff and your hands can’t reach

I never actually tested this but i am fairly certain it works. i might actually try this out one day and share how it went

Can it be something dark?

Today I learned that humans may be going extinct, or close to it, within my lifetime.

Sorry, don’t mean to make the topic depressing. But this is something that’s important…

The population of tigers has decreased 95% over the last 15 years and apparently female Komodo dragons can asexually lay male eggs to mate with if no males are present.

Why is that?

Global warming? Nuclear warfare? Overpopulation?

I was reading this article.

So global warming then

You should also factor in the fact that the bacteria are evolving and the first truly drug resistant bacteria was found within the last few months? I believe.

I’ll dig up the article later

Lots of things need to happen in order for humanity to survive

Fun fact: Global Warming is a Scam. Its just a way for scientists and researchers to get grants.

^No. I really hope you weren’t being serious, because that could not possibly be farther from the truth. That’s coming from the corporations who want to get rich off of drilling all the oil, not actual people studying this stuff. (Forbes is a business website, of course it’s going to cater to businesses).

I’ve seen the science of it, taken courses on the science of it. And I’ve read article after article from scientists (some from NASA). And I’ve seen the effects with my own eyes when looking around at the world.

The planet cannot support infinite growth. We don’t have the resources. And the article I posted shows all the data, but you wouldn’t read that.

I do agree this planet can not support infinite growth, and I am concerned about the carbon-dioxide levels. I just don’t think there is global warming. More Ice this summer than last summer…temperature not rising for 15 years…

That’s because the oceans absorbed the vast majority of the heat and acted as a buffer, but the oceans in turn will begin heating the planet as a result.

But you have to consider the extremely common “catastrophic” storms now… in the past we’ve seen maybe a catastrophic storm every few years? Now we’re seeing them nearly every week.

And of course we have to go by the data that shows we’re filling the planet with CO2 far faster than what happened in the permian die-off mass extinction, which wiped out 95% of all life. And we’re sending it into the planet so much faster than that, and at exponential levels.

And don’t even get me started on methane feedback loops that will be activated if the planet reaches 4-6 degrees C over baseline temperatures. That’s what triggered the mass extinction in the permian era.

Serious issues here…

CH4 feed back loops huh? Sounds like an environmental scientist talking :wink:

Being a chemist has some serious moral benefits (i.e. I don’t have to think about human extinction…)

yeah, i absolutely agree we shouldn’t be releasing co2 etc, im merely stating that the temperature is not rising, so theres no global warming…literally. should we stop destroying earth? absolutely. those 2 things are separate.  

I didn’t realize this today, but if you have no electricity in your house and the sun sets around 5 PM, flushing the toilet is the most interesting thing you can do to spend your time. And that says a lot

Well then I guess Mars it is

I thought so to.

Today I learned that Justin Bieber is retiring, party time.

Guess who’s releasing an album next week and a movie next year.

Oh joy…

yeah, i absolutely agree we shouldn’t be releasing co2 etc, im merely stating that the temperature is not rising, so theres no global warming…literally. should we stop destroying earth? absolutely. those 2 things are separate.

Actually though… it is. Now of course temperature fluctuates year to year, but what we’re referring to is the average temperature. And we’re well over what the average temperature should be at this point. And the article I presented shows that many are predicting 3.5C-4C in a matter of a few decades. 4C is enough to render much of the Earth’s habitats unable to be lived in. And much of Earth’s species would go extinct at this temperature.

Plus, much of our food sources would be gone and that would leave quite an issue for us. We’re talking when I’m 30-40 years old, only. This is within most of our lifetimes.