The legendary with death sentence all...

Anyone find it useful? And please add me if you got the new legendary or Night Rider

If you use it with another sleep all monster and a tank

Or sleep bomb

It’s good since nothing is immune to sleep

Poisoned monsters are immune to sleep.

I have it and it’s just sitting on my bench I haven’t used it at all. 

Well… Maybe Night Rider and Omegadragon will just never come to me=_=||
And the new legendary, I saw people said that it has AOE, accelerate team, survivor. Its attack and defense are like 4000~5000. And death revenge…(Just funny to have it with survivor) I think serapheon is much better than this guy

so the new legendary is another Talosquire. He have that moveset as well, and gains life-switch self when ultrad. his stats are high in geneal though, even compared to my other legendaries, so he actually pulls his weight for a cost of 13.

Poison is damage, and all damage takes you out of sleep status. That’s just how it works, I don’t consider that immune since poison is a conflicting status effect tbh