The friendly hackers speech

edit by admin: thanks, we are aware of these issues, and people who used them will be banned in the next update. 

The save file transfer issue is known and the developers are implementing measures to auto-ban people who use it. It most certainly is an issue!

I would highly recommend not doing it, as action will be taken against this form of hacking.

…I feel like I should respond to this topic properly…but I can’t for the life of me construct a paragraph that would adequately fit within your paradoxical viewpoint on hàcks.

Reading it sounds like you’re confirming to yourself that what you’re doing is perfectly fine, when it’s the exact thing people are complaining about; regardless if you use your hàcks in PvP or not

You have to know how to break it before it can be fixed. By hacking the game, one can show that there is a security flaw within the game and present this information. This information can then be used to get the problem fixed.

With that being said, though… MrWhyKey is certainly using it for more purposes than my above statement includes. 

Just close this thread already

If you really want to sent them stuff about hacks then send it via PM to the admins. They are aware of most of it as some players have already showed them some websites where you can get those kind of gold hacks.

However with the next update those people will be flagged and unable to play PvP or Online Missions.

Dude it’s called White Hat Hacking. It’s a good thing, it shows security flaws. (not that he hasn’t put it to poor use but still)

Also, it’s a good thing you pointed this out, but the best way to do it is to contact the admins regarding the issues. I’m sure they’ll be appreciative of you pointing out the security flaws in their game.

There is really no reason to worry, as stated the save files are pretty much un-editable to the common and even to highly advanced users, they are not written in any way you would expect (I should know, i am the resident hacker and security tester) and the devs are fully aware of the save distribution and iAP hacks and they actually have a system in place that checks to see if the in app purchases are legitimate and if they aren’t it gets added to a separate pool of gold and if that pool contains gold you are immediately flagged and will be banned when the next update rolls out. Anyone who uses the online save download thing you mention will also be immediately banned because all the people did to make those was use an iap ha ck repetedly so theres about 1-2 million gold in the “you gonna get banned” pool. Fret not for admin himself has declared (all hackers will be banned from PvP in the next update. Sincerely, Admin)

Whether good or bad hacking, unless the admins give you the okay to white hat ha-ck, don’t do it.

Will it affect me if I backed up my ipad but I used it back up on ipod seeing I don’t use my ipad a lot only in summer but I haven’t been using my ipad back up just on my ipod