The first ones event

I just finished this section. I recieved the Omegamid. If I restart it can I obtain all the rewards again?

No the rewards are one time each

Absolutely not

Although I’d recommend doing the Ziberius fight over and over, as the pleasure of smashing his foul frosty face is rewarding enough


The same to atrahasis


haha ok sounds good

does every 5th battle of the other 5 elements reward a omegamid with 3 gems also?

I would suggest Defeating the first one of Earth as many time as you can :smile:

All 3 gems with a rare ingredient. I remember the Raizen one gives an Ocarino. I can’t remember any of the others.

ok so the shadow one gives an omegamid, the nature on gives vorubook, and the light gives a grailing. haven’t done the others. anyone have the ingredient for the fire and water ones

I guess fire is a crown and water is Crystalmouth?

ah ok. then yea no way im doing ater. I have 6 crystalmouth as it is. there fairly common