🤬 😈 The BM report thread

The devs have a cheat detection system, so how about this:

If you dc for any reason without attempting to return to pvp match. You need to get a 1 hour ban from playing pvp.

An example of this mechanic in another pc game, Dead by Daylight, heavily discourages dc.

And if you decide to dc a 2nd time in the same match, that 1 hour ban becomes a 10 hour ban. Without a chance to return to the match.

If found to have dc’d on multiple occasions, the devs can prob ban them a whole season, regardless of rank.

Personally I think that would really stop dc bming at the very least.

@Dev_VKC The goat deserves punishment for what he did :rage:

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Now that’s a log :wink: well done! :clap:t3:

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You milked the goat


@Dev_VKC nagao should get another warning/suspension for repeatedly disconnecting against a bunch of players.

The funny part is his frontline is a rare complete counter to my team lol. His first five monsters alone can easily reach my endgame because of the APs and sleep from clover but he messed it up so bad.

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I wonder how long he can keep getting away with this without a perma ban

im telling you guys. nagao is Dev VKC trolling.

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Ban @Dev_VKC for BMing my pve grind


I hate people like this who could literally just surrender but insist on wasting my time. Next time I run into this person I’m going to BM them back since there doesn’t seem to be any consequences.

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@Dev_VKC nagao at it again (disconnecting)