The Basement(Enter At Your Own Risk, Read first post.)

100% agreed. I thrived on it. Pure entertainment. Most of my joy was derived from your tears though. :ok_hand:

Now you are talking out of your backside. I never act like a top player. I always put others above me in this forum. I’ve had other people say I’m a great player I disagree every single dam time. Please post ONE instance where I make myself out to be a great player.

You really are a piece of work Cinderella.

LMAO I just read your cry baby tears now. :sob:

I don’t need it to get wins trust me. But it was absolutely entertaining to use it especially when people cry about it.

Clearly you had none. You don’t even have the self respect to play against the -(TRIGGER WARNING) greatest strategy in Neo history and not get butthurt about it.:joy::rofl: It’s a game buddy.

Wtf is wrong with you? Seriously after necroing a thread and replying to a post of last year telling the guy to wait for anniversary and now answering and quoting to a post 3 weeks ago. You are turning to another oak in this forum quite fast Jesus. I guess after ap was nerfed you have more time to search activities in forum instead of playing pvp

I won’t discuss with you about neither you are a top pvp player or not. I just said you acted like one for that season since you were having a good run relying on bloom and ap spam. Thats it. No need to search instances for that.

Ps:quoting feels like it is the same as @ tagging. I wouldn’t reply that fast but I got a notification for that. This is the basement and people should only read here whenever they want to. This time I got pretty much forced since you were seeking my attention

The necroing the year old thread was a mistake. It showed up as unread on my page I replied thinking it was a current post because I didn’t read the date.

Nothing wrong with replying to a 3 week old post because I DIDNT SEE IT until now. I’m not gonna let such stupid posts slide. What the heck is wrong with you to be upset about that?

Well I didn’t act like one for any season. You are simply dishonest. Next time keep your mouth closed if you plan to lie. No need to search for instances because they don’t exist.

Actually, I have been enjoying PvP more now than ever before. It’s so fun.

You are a good player. You can take it from me. Humility is good though.

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Humility is good I agree. I’ve made fun of my skills more than anyone. I really never boast about being good.

Lmao did my hilarious post get removed again? What’s the point of the basement :joy:

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To have banter, not to continue your obsession with trying to wind up eNjiin. You have been warned multiple times. If you write something again with the intention to wind up eNjiin or Mr.X then I will suspend you.



So just curious is this a place for people that are playing in PvP to talk or what is this place the basement please don’t tell me it’s Isaac’s basement

Oh and I had something really cool to add to a post of mine just so everyone knows that I’m real and that I am not trolling for playing on this account actually paid $1 for it and can I say it is definitely worth its dollar so here’s a screenshot of my team

Ironically this is a place you can use your tears as weapons. If you want to know what the basement is about then check out the first post in this thread. Short version: it’s the place where people can have arguments and where they can be sent if they start arguing in another thread… the stuff that isn’t worthy of moderator action (suspending the people) but people don’t want to see it clogging up the constructive threads.

I people want to kill each other with words this is where they go.

Technically it’s the basement. People are allowed to do whatever here. I would much rather have the basement be the place where people poke each other then have it in other threads. Yes that includes gary.

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Agreed Zard. Allowing this as no holds barred helps keep the other threads clean.


Yup, pretty ironic for sure but the basement isn’t a place where no rules apply. If someone has received their final warning not to do something then they go do it in the basement then action will be taken.

P.S. Not sure why you felt the need to make a new account imitating GaryOak to post that. Please stick to your own account to make posts.

Wuuuuut? C’est ridicule!

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There is absolutely no need to disconnect at this point in the game. Please just resign in future, as it’s your turn anyway, saving us both time.

@LemonSqueezy best of luck in todays game buddy, may the better team win :muscle: whoever makes it to the finals will have earned it :raised_hands: