Thank you Devs!


As release is a few hours away for us here in the states and the game is released almost everywhere else I just wanted to say thank you for letting all of us test your game!  It’s been a blast testing Hunter Island.  Hope launch goes as smooth as possible and I’m looking forward to watching this community grow and grow!  Again thank you guys! 


I wish I could do more than just say my thanks! I am positive this will be even more of a hot than DIB, which still sits in the top 20 RP games mind you!


yes, thanks for your hard work, and know its appreciated :slight_smile:


No No We should be the ones thanking you guys!!! It has been a great ride!!


How about we make it a mutual thank you to both sides?


I like that idea :slight_smile:


Works for me :smiley:


Definitely! It’s been a great honor. I enjoyed testing HI and I’m very, very happy that I helped (even if it’s just a little!)

Thank you very much!


I couldn´t agree more. Thank you for this opportunity! It´s been a great honour working alongside such an amazing group as you. :slight_smile:


Thank you admins as well! It was my first time beta testing a game, so it was an interesting experience for me. I hope I was able to help!


Testing HI has been an absolutely amazing experience! Knowing that we’ve all been a little part of something this great really is a fantastic feeling and I wish you all the best for the future of the game and all your future games. You’ve really outdone yourselves with HI and I have to show my immense appreciation of you giving us this incredible opportunity! :slight_smile:


Hear, hear!!!  What an awesome game to test and a great community in which to start at the ground floor.  Things are looking good.  

<fist bump, explosion> POW