Tell your greatest moment ever

Tell your greatest moment ever in the whole game

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Being so kind to others over the Internet, resulting in someone giving me an account I didn’t ask for, when others offered him money.


OMG SO RIGHT bestie :heart_eyes:

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I manipulatively obtained a full confession from the cheater DLGZ Laxus, which helped make the community pressure the devs into permanently banning the entire clan of cheaters. I also tricked @NMEGaryOak into thinking I was someone he knew from 2015 who came back four years later to troll him on an alt account when I was really just a forum lurker :skull:


I got expelled from the school canteen for unvirgining the olive oil


Meet @NMEduck


I can’t decide, I have plenty of them :relieved:

I invented AP Spam as a joke against @Mr.X


My First Awakening🥰

This was another of my biggest moments in Neo life

Lol but I didn’t did this if not ur and me @LemonSqueezy we could call each other brothers

Accidentally facilitated one of the funniest moments in the forum by accidentally(well more like man utd style incompetence) making it possible for loki to come first and the rest was all soo sweet history…

Lol after 10 months u came back for say this?
Anyway @NMEduck u might want to reply this post

Been around bud… was just reading, just a bit of humor no offense by it.

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Nice to see you Broly. Hope you’re good and not melting in this heat lol

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Nice to see you too lemon… I’m alright… what about you? , who isn’t lol :joy::joy:

@Laxus and @DLGZ-L getting banned for cheating after talking :poop: for years was pretty hilarious too

No no im not offended I just trough u gonna say another thing anyway hope u are good mate! We discuss a lot in DMG but no hates here

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Please don’t tag the dead


This thread was probably made to hear about cool achievements in the game but instead has been a lot of community things haha.

My greatest moment was when I hatched Stratustrike. I remember being in the car with my girlfriend at the time and rambling on about how amazing it looked and how desperate I was for the 50:50 chance on 6th pack giving me it rather than Utopion (which was horrendously bad at the time - it got a huge buff). I felt like there was no way the universe would let me have Stratu but then I opened the 6 packs and got it! It immediately became my favourite monster that brought me lots of top 10s in PvP over the years as well as being fun in a lot of PvE. It’s still my favourite monster to build around.


Yeah it has :sweat_smile:

My PvP achievement apart from the obvious is probably the season I ran SEs. Managed to take down a lot of top 10 players and even one who managed #1 :partying_face: Or the strats I’ve made :blush: