Team Composition | Tips & Feedback: A Users Guide

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Hello All,

I hope this content is engaging and helpful. If you see misinformation, please add your suggestions for correction; let’s add value here - not disdain. :+1:

I ask everyone a favor in advance. Please post replies with edit suggestions, thoughts , and comments. I’m writing this due to the fact I find myself pondering questions from time to time. “What is best for this area; How can I beat - rare dungeons, how can I enhance my personal strategic skill level?”

I find myself clicking on the forum, and not seeing what I’m looking for. Hence this thread:

Here goes - ( Edits to go along the way).

I completed the game at level 30, by spending a total of $7.99. I spent those gems on Harpes / Pyramid Dungeons for EXP, mainly due from not wanting to stop playing after XXX hours:

Section 1.

  • What not to do :v:️( Add Value Here )
  1. Don’t put a Posion Revenge Monster in Slot 1-4 if you have a Stun Revenge Monster in slot 5; currently it cancels the Stun debuff on poisoned monsters.

Personal Suggestion: ( Works well to Beat Game + Chapter 3-4).

S = Slot

= Position

S1 - Poison Gas / Poison Revenge
S2 - 3*** Poison Eater Monster | Cursed Island
S3 - Poison Massacre/ Poison Eater
S4- Tank ( Protect + High DEF) - Preferred - Protect + Purify Monster

S5- Time Killer / Protect Killer
S6- Stunning Entrance + Protect Killer / Sleep Killer
S7- Sleep Bomb
S8- Tank + Purify or Tank + Stealth

S9- 1 on 1 User / Team Attack
S10- DreamHunter
S11- AOE Sleep All
S12- Give Turn / AOE Sleep All

S13- Heal All
S14 - S16 | Death Revenge / Survivor

  1. I wouldn’t (suggest) using a Stun/Sleep - Revenge if you don’t have one the following scenarios

A. Stealthed Team member who can Purify the team after
B. Team members who are poisoned
C. (XXX here)

Section 2. - Unexplored Techniques
I haven’t saw these situationally useful line ups discussed on the forums via search, so here goes.

S1- Stealth Team Mate ( No IAP)
S2- Send Back ( No IAP)
S3- Death Revenge ( No IAP)
S4- Give Turn ( No IAP)

  1. Stealth on Death Revenge
  2. Death Revenge- now a 12.5% chance of self attack of 4/4 reduces to 3/4 - a 25% decrease.
  3. Send Back Death Revenge User


good work~


I can appreciate that comment- I went back and forth before posting that. In game, the actual animation shows the stun being implemented, but even a 200 second Stun Flash and/or Revenge is negated to anything over 1 turn.

I’d suggest giving it another look.

If I’m incorrect, hence the point of the thread. It’s for the communities benefit - not one individuals entertainment to read as a user. Suggestions build content. Poor enmity provides zero value.


Nice job man thanks for the time taken. Learnt a lot!

Thanks All :+1: