Team building help

Hey everybody I know this is a big task, but can you help me with building a good team? I think that I have some good Monsters, but I have know ideas how to combine them. So if you have any ideas for a good team or some good combos pls leave a comment. Any advice is helpful.
In the pictures below you can see my monsters. If you have any question please feel free to ask.

Thank you.

Can somebody help me To Build a good Team

For all players who are asking for team building help, please make a team first and members of the community will redraft it for you. If I have time i’ll sometimes make player’s teams from scratch, but time is rare at the moment. Repost your current PvP teams up here and tag me. I’ll take a look when I have 5. I’m a free player so have experience playing with a limited pool. :blush:


@LemonSqueezy I have been working on a team for a long time and this is the team I could think, of it is good in position or should I change other monsters up?

Initial thoughts.

You have some nice monsters who will definitely be able to win you games and synergise. Particularly poison.

Some things to consider:

Valza in 3rd is a risk. You’re not getting the shield benefit and it can easily be hit by something so it’s damage will be weak. Another poison FL will render it fairly useless. Move it further back somewhere.

Stun in 5th is dangerous because everyone is prepared for stun in the FL. you will definitely activate some stun counters and converters mid to end game will be better where you can manipulate the enemy team.

The Chronozeros in between Black Titan and Gazer seems a strange choice. It’s fairly high TU, but if you were to run Gazer and then Black Titan directly after, your Gazer will reduce to TU of your mons, giving Titan a much greater chance of killing an opponent’s monster with its effect. Also Gazer might be able to poison massacre straight away :blush:

If I see the rest of your mons I can help further.


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@LemonSqueezy So I changed my team up trying to make the improvements, I also swished in saintfeather he could make as a makeshift protecter who is not really a protecter so I could get raw poison, I will show you the rest of my team just if I could change anything.

@Quin Great. Tbh I thought the protector in the FL worked well. Otherwise Chrono and Toxic killer will get at your scorp too easily. Problem is that Megalo is so prominent atm.

Use Sherloid in place of saint. That way you’re protected but not open to Megalo. Saint might be a bit too slow. Also doesn’t it purify everything when it dies?

Swap Mecha out for Abyss soldier purple. If he gets going he’ll annihilate the enemy. Robin should be able to get a quick kill or poison touch for scorp, so that’s good, Abyss solider will follow up too while you have protection. You’re covered from stun, sleep, some fast FLs and APs. So it’s a decent FL.

Put the thunder dragon before Titan and Gazer, so that when Gazer comes in, you can heal all and bring in Titan immediately after. Gazer can massacre 4 mons then :blush:

Ideally we’d want something quick in 5th but the only real option is Black Titan and we’re using him later. Plus he’s risky in 5th.

If you ever want to change the team up a lot / have an alternative. Keep the FL, but put Cobra 5th and Titan 6th. Cobra will do good damage quickly and possible twice with Titan charging it again. It’s safe from Titan killing it because scorp stops the stun.
Then use Valza in midgame to absorb any remaining stun and use a sleep endgame with wraith cloning, shadow sleeping the enemy while nebel also clones too! Just don’t retreat with Titan :joy:

Try both teams and see which you prefer.

I will try that out. Thanks so much for the help!

I just realised that Scorp is a converter not counter. Your FL Definitely weak to stun, so in either case put cobra 5th and find something else to counter stun in its place.

Need help building a team.

Make one first and the community will redraft it

I been trying out these two getting some wins with both but can be sweeped pretty easy. Just been away from the game for to long i think.

Cool. For your first team

  • use yetikong instead of chronozeros. You can catch it in the monster hunting section. Use One on one to allow survivors and megabomb to charge.

  • you’re very weak to stun. Move a stun absorbing protector into 5th. Purify will also help. This will also help keep your survivors alive.

  • move Grovo further in to your team, so you
    can keep sprig alive longer and keep reviving.

  • lypolex (duscy) is a must. Move it into the team where it won’t get hit by bane.

  • In the words of Gary Oak, go get yourself a Galvbane. It’s really good and you can get it in the monster hunting section.

  • Bitterbeast is an excellent stun absorber. Get him from the monster hunting section too and stick him somewhere in the middle when you think your protector will die

Have fun


Also don’t run fire monsters in the first 6-8 spots because canishogun is extremely common in the lower tier thanks to the anniversary.


Sorry, Im new in this game i have been playing like 3 months i think, i need some help with my team, i have been using the team with ankoudragon because its passive, but i realised that it is very difficult to make it work, so i started to use the team with drakion, that team is new so i dont have to much impressions about that one. Someone can give me some advice?
PD: I hope that you understand all that i wrote because i speak spanish so im not very skilled with english XD. Thank you in advance.

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Hola. Is the team you want help with for PvP or PvE?

The teams are for PvP, they dont appear to be for that :"v?

Best team to beat captain Joanna maedal?

Anything I need to change?

Train your main monsters so all their stats say “max”. Use lightning monsters and don’t use fire.