Suggestion to make the OM better for everyone

The idea is to choose from difficulties like easy , medium and hard and that the arkadions are prized due to category so if u clear in hard u get an S rank if i clear in medium u get an A rank and if u clear in easy u get a B rank!

Not a bad idea, but would require a change with the pool system. 

Not really because u can use the Pools for both , then u have an easy medium and hard for pool A and one for B

But each pool would need to allow less spots for winning, otherwise you would be giving the monster out to 3 times more people. And that’s not what we want.

Ofcourse u can only choose from the 3 choices once! U can only get 1 reward… U can change it but u wont have THE chance to get it 3 times

Right but I’m saying 1000 people can choose hard and fill up the spots, and then an additional 1000 people can choose medium and get the spots, and then an additional 1000 people can choose easy and get the spots.

Unless you’re saying that you would apply the same 1000 spots to all of the difficulties combined as one. So whether you beat it in any mode, you take up one of the total 1000 spots (and you would have taken up one of those spots regardless of the difficulty).

In that case, which is logical, it’s not too bad of an idea. Of course, though, people may not pick the hard mode even with the better rank because easy mode may take up all the spots faster than someone can even complete the hard mode.

And people may favor easy mode just to get any monster at all, because it’s better than getting none at all.

I see ur concern there but u have to have a great imagination :stuck_out_tongue:
U could use THE % of all players and distribute them in THE ranks so that if u didnt got the last 3 u are going to be placed in easy if u missed THE last 2 in medium and if u only missed THE last one ur placed in hard.

Thats Also a way to do it

Or each difficulty can have up to 333.33333… winners only , because 1k divided by 3 , is 333.3333… , so the first 333.333 people on each difficulty will get the prize which = 10% in total , and now for the 1% , each difficulty will have 33.333… winners on each . Understand what i’m trynna say ?

I sure do understand and that would be Also great ! Maybe if the devs looked into this They could help with brainstorming

Yes the dev definitely should