So my iPod got stolen…and whats worse is my parents won’t buy me another iPod…so I’m probably done with HI for a while…I’ll stay on the forum but this is the third time I’ve lost a profile on HI and this time i was doing so well…

noooooooooo D; ;-;


Sorry to hear that qq

D: I hate thievin’ jerks! And that is unfortunate :frowning: I would help if I could

Thoes three noobs

Cheese,what do you mean?Also,im very sad to hear this kab.that sucks man.

Thanks for the concern and Mozzy I think he is referring to the thieves

Ok,maybe…though it just happens theres 3 other posters above him,and I wouldn’t call a theive “noob”.
Hopefully you get a new iPod soon.

Dang. That’s really, really, REALLY unfortunate. If I had mine stolen… and if my parents wouldn’t let me get a replacement… I’d probably cry.

Sorry dude : / Maybe they thought it was lost and it’ll turn up somewhere.

If you have another device,use find my iPod.

Don’t you need that installed on the lost device?

Possibly,but maybe he does.Its always a good fail safe if you have another device.

I do have the app but no other device

I was referring to thoes bandits in hi

Is it possible to get a friend/family member to locate it for you?

LOL High five!

Id assume so,if any of kab’s family owns a device.If you had a brother who wouldn’t help you find your iPod,then what kind of a brother would he be?

That was pretty clever,ill give you that.But… how do the 3 bandits from HI have anything to do with Kab’s iPod being stolen.

It was a joke, Bray. : P

Sorry to hear that hope you find it, where’d you last see it.

Dang, someone face palmed hard XD And kab, definetly try to borrow another device to get dat pod back. You want dat pod