Showdown Tower Showdown Tower

Showdown Tower is coming. I don’t know if you have any strategies. I’ll share the experience we learned before DLGZ organized BOSS.

Note: White means that the bottom probability meets NPC. empty means no NPC. Red: It means high probability of meeting NPC. If you need a sad reward, you’d better choose the red one among the three doors.

6-1 empty

6-2 (empty) (empty) (red)

6-3 (blank) (blank) (blank)

6-4 (empty) (empty) (empty)

6-5 (empty) (empty) (empty)

6-6 (blank) (blank) (blank)

6-7 (empty) (empty) (red)

7-1 (empty) (empty) (empty)

7-2 (empty) (empty) (red)

7-3 (empty) (empty) (empty)

7-4 (red) (empty) (empty)

7-5 (red) (red) (empty)

7-6 (empty) (red) (empty)

7-7 (empty) (empty) (red)

7-8 (empty) (empty) (red)

8-1 (empty) (empty) (empty)

8-2 (empty) (empty) (red)

8-3 (empty) (empty) (empty)

8-4 (empty) (empty) (empty)

8-5 (empty) (empty) (red)

8-6 (blank) (blank) (blank)

8-7 (empty) (empty) (red)

8-8 (blank) (blank) (blank)

8-9 (red) (empty) (red)

8-10 (red/white) (blank) (red/white)

9-1 (empty) (empty) (empty)

9-2 (red) (empty) (empty)

9-3 (red) (empty) (empty)

9-4 (empty) (red) (empty)

9-5 (empty) (empty) (empty)

9-6 (empty) (red) (empty)

9-7 (empty) (empty) (empty)

9-8 (empty) (empty) (empty)

9-9 (empty) (empty) (red)

9-10 (red) (empty) (red)

10-1 (empty) (empty) (empty)

10-2 (empty) (empty) (red)

10-3 (empty) (red) (red)

10-4 (red/white) (blank) (red/white)

10-5 (empty) (empty) (empty)

10-6 (empty) (red) (empty)

10-7 (empty) (empty) (empty)

10-8 (empty) (empty) (red)

10-9 (red) (empty) (empty)

10-10 (empty) (empty) (red)

11-1 (empty) (empty) (empty)

11-2 (empty) (empty) (empty)

11-3 (empty) (empty) (red)

11-4 (empty) (empty) (empty)

11-5 (empty) (empty) (empty)

11-6 (red) (empty) (red)

11-7 (red) (empty) (empty)

11-8 red (empty) (red)

11-9 (red) (empty) (empty)

11-10 (empty) (empty) (red)

11-11 (empty) (red) (empty)

11-12 (empty) (red) (empty)

12-1 (red) (red)

12-2 (white) (red) (white)

12-3 (white) (red) (white)

12-4 (empty) (empty) (empty)

12-5 (white) (red) (white)

12-6 (red) (white) (white)

12-7 (empty) (empty) (empty)

12-8 (white) (white) (red)

12-9 (empty) (empty) (red)

12-10 (white) (red) (white)

12-11 (empty) (empty) (empty)

12-12 (white) (white) (red)

12-13 (white) (white) (red)

Maybe there are some places that you can correct. Thank you. Of course, most of them are right.

Only 6-12 layers of strategy because. 1-5 is too weak, no one counts, and there is no sad reward task ahead.

I think you put it in the wrong place.傻巨弱~

I think you do a form of English form will be more clear~

Why don’t u use the perfect map of Killerdog. It’s a way better overview and helped me unlocking all rewards safely for the past 3 events in the last year. Just look for KDs showdown tower map. I can link it if required

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I think KDs Showdown Tower Map gets the job done a little bit better and furthermore you posted this in the wrong forum section. I will lock this thread