Should I spend 5 Vorabooks to evolve Twigster?

Is it worth to spend 5 Vorabooks to evolve this monster? I mean 5 Vorabooks is a lot of material (this is quite hard to get).

Also here is my current team.

That monster had some pretty good movesets like demons glare( instantly kills one enemy) and gurdian execute(kills protectors) and has a good passive skill if it fits your team then u should evolve it dont think about vorabook you will get it from events and pvp

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Considering you have already have ankou there is no point in evolving him but he has cannablize token which is a very good move to remove token at only 30tu

Correction any mon on the filed


I was about to say that.

Anyway imo is a good option to ultra evolve him, Vorabooks are not much used anyways.


Ohh srry bro my mistake😅

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If you decide to Ultraevolve it, and this is VERY important, give potions to it up to +9 BEFORE ULTRAEVOLVING.
You will use Epic Potions instead of the rarer Super-Epic Potions.


This is good point👍