Short Showdown Tower

Normally this event is something like 10 days long. However, it’s only 7 days this time!

@Dev_VKC Is there a specific reason for this?

What’s strange is we now have daily missions which ask us to use tickets in other places each day. Hence, we have fewer tickets to use on something like Showdown Tower. We sometimes get a small nectar as a reward, but I don’t think it’s enough to offset things.

If I remember correctly, battles cost 15 tickets so to do the 100 battles that’s 1500 tickets. Each day we get 240 for free. 240 * 7 = 1680 tickets. Now minus 120 * 2 for the special ingredient missions that will be on at the same time, minus 20 * 7 for the MBQ battles for daily missions, minus 50 for the extra MBQ battle + youth fruit + silver for daily missions. That’s 1680 - 240 - 140 - 50 = 1250 tickets. Let’s assume we get two small nectars and we have 120 max tickets so 1250 + 120 = 1370 tickets… we’re short of 1500 by a bit.

A bunch of numbers there, but what I’m trying to say is 7 days seems too short that people will probably have to use gems to finish the battles in time… unless we’re now all expected to hoard nectar and use them for completing events? That can work, but we need a slightly more regular supply of nectar and if events are shorter I hope it means we get them more frequently.


Could start including Nectar in the friend chest instead of the garbage amount of silver we get

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Survival of finess normally have a half tickets campaingn this time we didn’t have one.

We are very sorry for the confusion.
The event duration is the same as usual. The event will end on 2/4.
It has been changed on the in-game news.



No need for my panic then :sweat_smile:

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