serious content: Nowell

“I can’t wait to laugh at your misery as the king executes all three of you!”

for the first time in this game, the dialogue got an emotional response out of me! this is no light-hearted line, this is a subject matter that’s quite adult and heavy. while it’s still age-appropriate, characters and lines like this really begin to make a connection to the player on an adult level and i wish there was more of it. Nowell is a character i adopted a healthy dislike for, and beating him was quite rewarding to me for this reason.

more, please!

If you liked that, then you better do some of the chain side quests.

The ones I remember and like are:

  1. the three brothers (these people are among the first you meet. LOL. I love them)

  2. the illegal excavation guy (starts very early in the story as well)

  3. the boy who lost his father (I believe this starts in the winterlands) 


don’t forget that desert guy

with the awesome team

whose name started with an F

I think

But he’s my favorite character, so when you get there, give him a high five for me

How about the pirate captain whose name I forgot :stuck_out_tongue:

^ AHA. Captain Earlheart.

Yeah, he’s great too! :stuck_out_tongue:

when you get my heart involved, i’m a loyal player, and i LOVE to spend my money in this direction :slight_smile: