Saving the Bluechick


The Bluechick is known to be one of the most grand of all Arkadion. However, hundreds are pointlessly killed each day in their natural habitat by hunters seeking elusive dragon hatchlings.
The friendly Bluechick will unknowingly approach hunters for food, only to be slaughtered by these careless individuals. It is estimated that over 2000 Bluechicks will die each week and the numbers are rising 

You can make a difference!
From only 10 gold coins a month, you can adopt a Bluechick and save it from pointless poaching, whilst also funding our efforts to build the Bluechick Sanctuary located off the northwest coast of Windon


Along with your adoption you will receive a brochure containing information on our other projects as well as detailed information on the Bluechick you have taken under your wing.


Adopt today and you’ll also receive free subscription to Bluechick Weekly!


Hunter Island Charity
Curing Unwanted Poaching

(Not a real Charity)

1. I have way too much time on my hands

2. Join the Cause

I can capture a Bluechick for as little as 50 silver coins (assuming I would ever want to and it’s S class). So why should I spend my hard earned (I mean bought) gold?

Because hunters take Bluechicks for granted. Soon there will be none left, unless we take action now

Ill help,but im catching,no gold coins spent.Need for more gold eggs

Why is it no one ever cares about the ugly animals need love too! just imagine how lost and confused seaquill is not even being remotely close to water and being surrounded by mountains on all sides. all he wants is to be taken to water.

Oh my god sly xD I am volunteering reset for this cause

This is beautiful. I want reset to see this.

Another solution when you want to hunt hatchlings but don’t want to slaughter bluechicks is to run away from the battles.

I must join the movement!

I’m already doing this so no 

No as in you dont want join the cause? (Tsk tsk tsk)
Or no as you think the gold donation is real and that I’m actually asking for it? XD

I was playing along x>

Playing along would require you to join the cause reset, not the opposite haha your gold donation is now mandatory

No! Never!

I will stick with my Bluechick Protection Program (BPP)! Unlike yours, I fund the entire program with the money out of my pocket! And I don’t put them up for… for ADOPTION! I let them roam freely, a 1,000,000,000,000 acre land that is under surveillance every single nanosecond

That would be funny fight and kill a blue chick one round then get attacked by 40 lvl 90s with 8+ stars…

…people who are wanting to grind might actually like that hahaha


but you will be attacked by only 11.0-12.0 stars AND they will all be S AND you can’t catch them AND they will be lvl 99

And they will AOE and bonus round you to death

Bad things happen to those who do not contribute to the conservation of wild Bluechicks

No. Never.