Save Game Update Please??

So, as of my THIRD time reaching the 58th floor of infinite dungeon, any battle I encounter crashes my game… in turn, losing ALL MY PROGRESS! Really really really don’t like the fact that game does not have a manual save feature. Something like this would save anybody who has encountered something similar a TON of frustration. I would love to continue the infinite dungeon, but it seems to be impossible with my game crashing and not having a manual save feature (So that I could save after each floor I clear). Any possibility Devs can create a manual save feature???

being able to save in the infinate dugeon would take away the challenge, and will most likely never happen.

I don’t see how it would take the challenge away… It’s just a save feature, unless you mean someone abuses it and saves, so if they die just reset save. (Similar to what I do in Pokémon with legendaries in case I can’t catch 'em.) It could possibly happen, but I find it unlikely. HI has sort’ve been abandoned, and the main focus is HI. I doubt there will be many more big updates for HI adding features, story, or fixing many bugs. I could be wrong, but that’s just my guess.

kitty, you just stated how it obviously would be abused, thats all

I completely understand the fact that it could be abused. But what would be cool is if the save feature did not allow for a home spawn so that people could restart. The save would strictly keep you exactly where you saved in the dungeon and in the same exact spot with the same arks and with the same amount of HP per ark. That way nobody could take advantage of having all their arks healed after each floor. Not sure if it’s possible, but such a concept would be great for when the game crashes after clearing 10 floors with no checkpoint…

No, what blixtiya meant (I’m guessing) is that you can go back if you died and try again, but you know the floor better now so you could use it to avoid unneccesary battles and if you die, don’t worry, just reset for another chance, which isn’t fair. If you die, you’re supposed to reset at your last check point but it would be unfair if someone could keep trying until they might get lucky with bonus actions and win a battle, or the AI will do something stupid so the player wins the fight easier, ect. It could just be abused.

Well thought. Didn’t even look at it that way. Maybe an update to fix the crashing would suffice instead then.