I finally got enough diamonds to get saphireon and saw his moves…what? Going through all that work, is saphireon really that worthless?

Idk if this topic already exists but i just cant believe how an ark can be so awful when it takes forver to get. Someone tell me he is worth using!

No, he isn’t really.

Not worth using.

Yeah he’s kinda like a trophy lol…

I love this game, but come on, how whack is that!!!

All that work for nada. How bout just give me a worthless trophy like the one you get from 2nd grade soccer that looks cool but is really made out of plastic and has some crap on it kicking a ball and on the bottom says, “congradulations for participating”. . Call me simple, but i like things that are worth stuff lol

Its just a cleaning device. Its clean! Lol

What do you mean, all that work for nothing? You didn’t lose any diamonds. 

Yeah i know ashley, but diamonds dont mean anything except the prizes you get for them. If the prize i get is worthless then its for nothing. Whats the point? Just to say, “look everyone, i have a lot of diamonds”? That means nothing to me. Especially when its 118,750 diamonds. With all those diamonds i would hope i get a useful prize. Like when i get 20,000 tickets at an arcade i dont want a worthless chinese finger torture toy. Thats more like a 200 ticket item. I want like a motorized scooter or something. You feel me?

The point is you keep getting more and then get what you want. Because it would be illogical to say you did all the work for nothing because you got Saphireon, and then later end up getting Kamiwyrm, and then saying all the work you did wasn’t for nothing after all…

Right? It would be a contradiction. 

Haha, well it is “something” for sure. But i wont use it. Its like if a man got a bra for a christmas present lol. Yeah sure it is something. But its worthless. Of course getting 100 gold coins is also worthless considering i have 60,000. I was just hoping for something better that i could use i guess. Oh well, guess i have to wait and get 300,000 so i can get whatever that little guy is so i can be disappointed again. Thanks for trying to keep me positive lol

Yeah he’s not to great even on stun monsters =\ I think he needs to get buffed in my opinion.

So you’re saying if you would have gotten nothing instead at 118,000ish diamonds then all of your work would have been for nothing. 

And that would be like saying: assume there are NO rewards at all except for Kamiwyrm at the end… then any work you do up until you get Kamiwyrm is for nothing… 

All of that for nothing…that you can use once hitting 119k. Disappointing to say the least.

That much is true but that’s not valid unless your only goal from PvP was the saphireon… which I doubt is the case.

Saphireon has weak defence but he does have strong attacks. There are ways to use him you just have to plan properly. 

Lol “plan?” he is a garbage Ark and everyone knows that… Lets not sugar coat it, the guy is upset for a good reason, he got a bunch of diamonds and got a horrible Ark. Also When Ashley said “So you’re saying if you would have gotten nothing instead at 118,000ish diamonds then all of your work would have been for nothing.” that is just so wrong… To get 118,000 diamonds it takes a LOOOOONG TIME, getting a saphireon is like getting nothing, probably worse since you thought you were getting something good, then you get that…

You don’t have to use it. If you don’t like it, pretend that it doesn’t exist! Even if they take it out completely, reaching 118k diamonds would be a benchmark that is closer to the better prizes. If it didn’t exist, you’d still have to reach 118k before you get Stratowyrm, Vegitiger, and Kamiwyrm. Right? Hmph. So please stop complaining. At least it’s something. 

Besides, two can play at that game. If 118,000 diamonds takes a “LOOOOONG TIME” then getting 880,000 diamonds must take FOREVER…and the prize? Gold tickets. Those are REALLY useless. So yeah. It could be worse :wink:

saphireon is not very useful, even against stun arks, as any low level ark can one hit a level 99 saphireon. it doesn’t even have any stun resistance considering its a anti-stun ark. I would categorize it as one of the most useless arks in the library.

I tried to use a level 99 saphireon in pvp for a while and quickly removed it from my team. It’s as bad as minoflare. Any team I’ve played against online using Saphireon or Minoflare  are potentially weaker because of those arks.

Giving it stun-resistance…that’s not a bad idea…

I don’t really get the tickets thing. I usually only use one ticket or two PER mission…and since theres like, free tickets…

Oh yeah, how come the big ticket picture value only stays at 2? I was pretty disappointed lol cuz I like seeing big numbers XD Except, not in math.

C’mon, math is fun :frowning:

And idk. I don’t really get the point of ticket prizes. I have 1800…I don’t need more.

Point is…you don’t need Saphireon, those tickets, greenking, krakhan, etc…however, you needed to pass those checkpoints to get Kamiwyrm anyways, so it really doesn’t matter.